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hey there

i have planned a eurotrip
i want to start in barcelona, travel to nantes in france, then down to seville again (this doesnt really make sense i know but thats the order im doing it in) then paris, amsterdam, sweden, berlin, vienna

i am wondering if eurorail really is the cheapest option to getting between these places? what about ryanair? and other flight companies?
if i do get eurorail it will be 750 AUD dollars for 10 days of travel, and many of these routes are around 10 hours of train ride which equates to two days of travel based on train times. so i am really confused as to whether eurorail is worth the bill

any feedback would be great. thanks a lot

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If you want to do this by train, then I suggest you take a look at some options to take nighttrains. Note that the fees for reservations/couchette are not included in your railpass, and also take a good look when the clock starts running. If you leave "too early" than a travel will have two days.

I would suggest doing some research on available flights on one of the several budgetairlines. (as you say some of these rides are really long, so it wouldn't be an economical use of your time to do this by train).

The only short piece is Paris - Amsterdam (approx. 4 hours), but even that bit you can fly with Vueling Airlines, if you want because the Thalys (train) is pretty expensive if you have to buy a p2p-ticket.

Ryanair and Easyjet are the most well known arelines but
for flight in and out of Spain, check Vueling Airlines, AirEuropa (not always cheap), Spanair, Clickair and even Iberia has some good offers (a tip for Iberia, if single tickets give very high prices, try a returnflight, and maybe only use of these two flights, or get back to Madrid or Barcelona, to have the most connections.

For Nantes - Sevilla, you need to connect to another airport as the one in Nantes doesn't budgetflights to Spain. So might want to train back to Paris, and again check Vueling Airlines. So maybe a returnticket Barcelona - Paris would work in combination with a trainconnection to/from Nantes (normal p2p-tickets), and a flight from Barcelona to Sevilla.

If Amsterdam - Sweden means Stockholm then try to fly to Stockholm Arlanda (try BMI and Sterling) Try to avoid flights to Vastaras and Skavasta (as offered by e.g. Ryanair) as they are nowhere near Stockholm.

Stockholm - Berlin is covered by Germanwings and Air Berlin. and Berlin - Vienna by Air Berlin

You would have to check on the dates you want to go, but a general rule is that you should have booked tickets about 2 months before the flight, because after that prices will start to go up.

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thanks a lot for the info, i will begin plans