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Heading to Thailand for 3 weeks before a years Working holiday in Australia.
How essential is it to take a mosquito net with me? And what is the best one to have? Are mozzies a big problem out there (and Oz for that matter)
Also is there anything else i should be taking with me, ie torch etc.

Thank you!


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I dunno where in Thailand you're headed, but when I was in Koh Phangan early April, the mosquitoes weren't exactly a problem. Although I did use a repellant lotion every evening when I left the resort, and my room had it's own mozzie net which I didn't have to use.

The geckos were more intrusive than any insect, to be very honest ;)

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I'd say definately bring one. Its not that much of a hassle to carry and could stop you getting lots of bites. When I was last in southern Thailand I got really bitten (in March). xox

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Hi Charlotte

I lived in Brisbane for 3 years and I bought a mosquito net pretty fast. None of my friends had them but I got so sick of that nasty whining "I'm coming to suck your blood" noise just as I was falling asleep! Mossies are a fair bit of a pest in the hot, humid areas. Most rented places don't have screens on the windows, and unless you have the money for a place with air con, you can expect to sleep with the windows open (and the bugs inviting themselves in ) all summer.


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I'd get one on arrival if you're going bush here or in Oz.Most dept stores here sell them in their sports/camping sections.
Oz has much better camping gear so you might get another in Oz