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My roommate and I will be a couple of Texas college Seniors next summer and are feeling the need for trip that rocks all past trips before we start that dreeded last year of school. So we are planning a 2 month backpacking trek throughout Europe in June and July in 2005. We are pretty much in the basic planning portion: where to go, where to stay, what to see, etc. We are pretty sure we are wanting to fly into London, but from there we are quite undecided. I suppose I should keep this first post relativly simple. So, is it possible, in 60 days in the summer, to see the main sights and get a general feel of each culture in: England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Amsterdam and possibly Spain and Greece? We will each have $5000(american) saved before we leave, but that covers our plane tickets and train passes. Is that a realistic budget?

I know that is pretty broad, but we are mostly wanting to see the main sights, and then spend the rest of the time soaking up the atmosphere. I am aware that you could spend 2 months in any one of these regions, but for our first trip, would this be a pretty enjoyable? I appriciate any help you can give.

Thanks - Troy

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Hi, i travelled with a friend through western europe last year, covering france, germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain and it was fantastic. We spent on average 2 or 3 days in each place, and mostly this was plently of time. There were a few places, like paris where we could have spent longer, but generally speaking we had the right amount of time.
We went for 1 month and used an inter rail ticket. I think we spent in total around the £1000 which was all inc. just make u sure u look around for the cheapest deals, as they are out there, jsut requires a lot of work. Im currently planning a trip around eastern europe this year and am in the end stages of the planning, which pretty much means panic.

If there is any specific details u r after feel free to ask.

Hope this helps


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Hi guys, your mail covers a large area. However, in general terms: London does have everything. Although capital cities are always expensive all England is expensive even for us Brits let alone those with the weak dollar currency.
Naturally all eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Rumania for example are cheap. Spain ? it is very cheap to eat well there. the prices and the reliabilty of the railway & buses there are a dream. Should you decide to explore outside London do not use the train -exorbitant, dirty and unreliable.
Stay as long as you can in wonderful Paris.
Good luck!!

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Heya Troy!

You guys are basically experiencing the exact same feelings that my friends and I did when we went backpacking last summer. We figured it would be our last summer to get out there and do something before we head out into the working world upon graduation. And now here we are a year later saying "Last year, we were in..." lol

Anyways, I think in two months you can definately see all those places, but you have to figure out what cities you want to see in those countries as well. We made a basic itinerary so we knew we could fit everything we wanted to see in, but we agreed that if we find other places we wanted to see, we didn't really have to stick to the original plan. We landed up dropping some cities for others that people we met along the way recommended (which was such a great experiece, because we never would have went to these places if not).

What's great about certain places you can find cheap places to eat and stay so you may have leftover money when you come back. Like Nicola said, Spain is super-cheap when it comes to food. Switzerland, isn't really, but you can sometimes find a cheap resto now and again (I recommend to get groceries and cook food yourself for the most part there).

I have no prob helping ya at all, so if you tell me what cities you want to visit, and if I've been there, I can give you accomodation and resto suggestions, as well as sights you shouldn't miss!

Also, is this trip more of a "party trip," an "I like to see museums" trip, an "I want to see as many sights as I can" trip or a little of all three?

Katie ;)