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1. Posted by seagypsy4 (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hello hello. I just found this fabulous site, and must say that I am quite excited. I am working and living in Australia for a year, and really have no idea what to pack. Honestly, how cold does it get in the NE? I'll be near Cairns. I have heard different reviews and would love some help deciding how many jumpers and warm socks to pack. Thanks a bunch!

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I'm on the Gold Coast at the moment and that means 20+ degrees every day and sunshine. Near Cairns it should be more. But at night it could be very cold so I think be prepares to pack a few socks and jumpers.
Another thing is that around Cairns it could rain a lot. Make sure that you have an umbrella!

Have fun!

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Hi there!
Hope you enjoy Qld and especially Cairns. The area is quite stunning, but be prepared to sweat a bit! I would not bother packing any clothes that are too thick, unless you will be traveling further south.
The temperatures there are very warm, even in winter. In winter, temperatures vary between: night 15-20 deg C / day 20-25 deg C.
In summer just add another 10deg C to the winter temperatures.
You might get the odd cooler or hotter day, but temperatures are quite constant! It gets very humid, so be prepared to sweat!! Watch out for the jellyfish and sharks!
Other wise you will love it. If you get a chance, come down to the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast and Northern NSW...beautiful spots and much more densely populated!
Have fun!

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As the other two replies have said it can get quite hot and steamy in summer and winter is quite warm you will need a couple of track tops, if you go up into the tablelands behind Cairns you would probably need long pants and jumper. Invest in a good quality light weight coat that would keep you warm and dry if it is raining that is one item which when travelling can be a great asset. Cairns is tropical so there is a lot of rain there even in winter, invest in a good bug deterent as there is mosquitoes there and other bugs. Don't forget the crocs and stingers take notice of signs as people have been eaten by them this is no joke. But enjoy yourself there and try and see the Atherton Tablelands while you are there it is fantastic country. Also a trip up into the rain forest above Cairns is worth the effort.

Regards Marion

5. Posted by seagypsy4 (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi again! Thanks for all the info. I will actually be in Atherton for most of the year I am there. So all the reccomendations were great! Thanks again...