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After months of doubting about it, I decided to try to realise my Middle Eastern dream and go on a travel to try to find a job. I've been applying in Israel and Turkey for months now over the internet but each time there is some issue stopping the application from happening, while several companies did say they want to interview if I first fly over. As I realise it will simply not happen without going over first, I am going to go for it.

I doubt a bit if I should go for Turkey or Israel so I will post my questions in two topics (one for each country). Remember that it's not a sightseeing trip I am undertaking, I want to go especially for jobhunting and wish to go for 10-15 days at least hoping to have a job before the end of that term, and if succesful of course permanently moving over.

1) Is it realistic to find a job in Turkey in two weeks' time? I have gotten some very conflicting info about this, as some say it's not hard at all while others claim it will be extremely difficult without speaking Turkish. I do speak 4 other languages (including English, French and German) but when I ask people about how realistic it is to find a place needing multilingual speakers in a few weeks' time, I get conflicting answers...

2) Which is the best area to go asking around? I doubt a bit between Istanbul or the seaside. Most companies are in Istanbul obviously although I am unsure if there's lot of vacancies for multilingual speakers.
Maybe my chances are better off in touristic areas where a lot of hotels recruit extra staff for the busy summer season, and maybe they need people speaking the language of the tourists.
In general though, I'm not sure if the best chances would be in Istanbul or in the coastal towns.

3) I even considered to move over without a job first... I have a financial reserve of almost 2000 GBP/3000 Euro, so I thought that if I am living in Turkey already it may be easier to find a job. However, is it realistic or not to think I would survive two months with that money (rent, food, ...) and is it realistic to have a job within that time?

Thank you for advice.

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First of all in Istanbul or on the seaside you can survive more than 2 months with 3000 euros.

My advice would be fly to Istanbul and look for a job right there. From internet your chances are not so high unless you are looking for a managerial or an executive position and if you have the qualifications for that. In any case for you finding a job in 2 weeks doesn't seem very realistic to me.

You have to be very very quick if you want to work in a quality hotel or in a holiday resort, because they start to recruit their staff starting from early year. With the language skills you have you could have a chance. For this kind of job the place to go is the Antalya region, Bodrum, Kusadasi or Fethiye, but Antalya and surroundings is the biggest tourist destination with countless opportunities. Try Club Med or similar chain of international villages which are generally on the southwest coast.

hope this helps.

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I am "working" in Turkey at the moment. That is, I do not have a visa and I am helping out at a hotel in exchange for food and accomodation. The tourist industry on the seaside here is great, and there are a lot of job opportunities at swanky hotels and cheaper pensions. However, the wages are very poor... if you are just looking to survive, that is easy as pie. Many pensions, bars, and small tourist establishments love to have foreingers work and stay with them. Many are family run and have only one member with good English.

If you are interesting in making a profit, it will be a bit more difficult... but I'm sure it's possible. The season is just beginning with the kickoff of ANZAC day, when hoards of Australians come over for the rememberence day of Gallipoli. So I would assume most larger hotels are already staffed, but I have heard of some offers around.

If you want something outside the tourism industry, I wouldn't know, but otherwise your multilingual skills are excellent for working with tourists, and I would imagine you will haev no problems just coming on over.

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one more answer for 3000 euros.
as a student I was spending about 10 Turkish Liras perday. Let's say 30TL for you. For per month, it's 900TL you can find really really good place (but not luxury) to live for 900TL rent as well, if you find a flat mate, it would be much cheaper. Electric, gas, water, adsl may cost about 150ytl MAX! =1950ytl and for 100ytl you may have an unlimited akbil to use on everykind of public transportation! all kinds!

=max 1128 euro per month! I'm really sure you can't exceed 1000 euro!