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Hi All,

I will be backpacking in South America this summer for 2 months and I know very little about the area.

I want to visit Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, but I don't know if I w ill have aenough time ato get a taste of the country at all, and what the weather is like in those places. I want a mix of city life, beach life and some cool places where I can really experience the culture.

I plan on travelling for 6 weeks with another friend (we are both 25 year old males) and then with my girlfriend for the last 2 weeks.

I would love advice where to go, for how long and so on.


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Argentina , Chile and Peru . Nice choices .

I don´t know Argentina but I am working in travel agency in Brasilia (BR) Where there are always travellers going to these places . Places Of argentina that i heard that it worths to know is Buenos aires , Bariloche and Ushuaia . Chile has good places , for glacial cruises at the lakes and many cool ski stations . Peru has one of the coolests places on the earth that is "Machu Pichu"

From Brazil you can have also plenty of cool places to go of all kinda , but not snow anywhere here . Since you are going with another young friend i think you would like the beachs . The capital Brasilia is full of nature and big parks it is a good beggining here for any travel through Brazil . That was my tips . Have a good search .

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Search this forum; you find there's a lot of possible itineraries and other tips posted already. Two months is a good period, though I think your plan to visit four countries is overambitious. At least, I think you should drop any wishes you might have about going all the way south to Patagonia/Tierra del Fuego; that's just a bit too hard to combine.

Just to give you an idea of what I think is a feasible route, I listed a possible itinerary below (assuming you want to make a round trip; consider buying an open jaw ticket instead). It may seem that I allow for too much time in each place, but it gives you the opportunity to make little detours, stops along the way, etc. Also, not all places mentioned may be worth going; it's just to indicate the route.

Lima - Cusco/MP - Huaraz - Iquitos - Manaus - Santarém - Altamira - Salvador - Rio - Iguazu - Buenos Aires - Bariloche - Mendoza - Santiago de Chile - Salta / Cafayate - San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) - Arica - Arequipa - Nasca - Lima.

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TThats a nice route. Still seems a lot to me and mbinds would do well to tkae your advice and not try to cram too many places in.
Spend longer in some of the places and truely relax and enjoy them.

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You should know by now how capricious my advice about timing is, Tricky :)

But I think you're right; the route I suggested is pretty tight (yet doable!) for 2 months. It also greatly depends on one's style of travel, though.

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Thanks for all your responses... I really appreciate it.

A couple of things.

Chile in August. How cold will it be then in the North? Any chance of beaches there in August?

I know that it would be a rush, it is just such a tough decision b/c who knows when we will be back.

If you had to pick a new route, what would you suggest? In the last two weeks, I would ideally like a little adventure (mountains) and some beach b/c that is when my gf is coming and she will want both of those.

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Here it goes a few places in Brazil that are very interesting :

1 - Amazon river has terrfic cruisers by Iberostar grand amazon ship / also hotel ariaú amazon towers is a beautiful hotel in the heart of the biggest tropical florest .

2 - Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses - It looks like a desert but actually it is a paradise . try to find pictures of this amazing place on the northeast shoreline of Brazil.

3 - Surf on the Natal Dunes - Huge dunes and wonderful beachs

4 - Fernando de noronha - An untouched ecosystem, An island that has limit for visitors to not degrade the nature , that can be compared with Galapagos .

5 - Porto de galinhas - the most famous region of northeast and ofcourse one of the bests and most beautiful .

6 - Brasilia - the capital ,a place full of nature and huge parks . Famous for it ´s architecture and city planning . It is also near of many touristic cities and of chapada dos veadeiros .

7 - Chapada dos guimarães , Rivers of Bonito ,Pantanal in Mato grosso and mato grosso do sul states

8 - Búzios - fantastic nightlife and amazing hot beachs , for who looks for a calm place there is Parati city that is near Trindade an amazing place to go by myself experience .

9 - Rio de janeiro , the carnaval and Copacabana palace hotel ( specially new year celebrations ) , the corcovado , Ipanema beach , jardim botanico , Maracanã , Pão de açucar .

10 - São paulo for it is rich nightlife , Culture , exhibition , events , parks and gastronomy .

11 - Cataratas do Iguaçu ,bigger than niagra fall at the border of Brazil - Argentina

That is a few of the Bests places that Brazil offer for the citizens of the world.