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Okay so this one guy in another forum tells me that transfering is like hard when everyone up until him told me it was a simple process, like you didn't need to re-check in ect ...

I'm transfering from United Airlines [Terminal 1?] to Japan Airlines [Terminal 5?] at O'Hare International Airport .. I choose O'Hare over JFK because everyone was like "OMG JFK is so big! No go to O'Hare"

... I thought it was a simple fact of walking to one gate from the next but this Jack-ass [he's being rude about it saying that I'm stupid for not knowing this when I've never transfered before] is saying I must walk outside? Take a Tram? Then RE-CHECK in ?? Doesn't checking in take like 2 hours [plus] ??

The thing is my transfer time is 1 HR 45 MIN and I am prone to getting lost ... a lot.

I wish my hubby was coming with me.

& now he's saying that my luggage won't go directly to the Japan Airlines plane, that I need to pick up my luggage then re-check it into JAL. WHAT?? Since when NONE of the people I know had to do this when transfering flights !!

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Kate- I highly doubt you have to pick up your luggage in Chicago-- On your flight INTO Ohare make sure that your luggage is checked all the way through to Japan- the airline should easily be able to do that so you don't need to worry.

As for transferring from one terminal to another: I have done that loads of times in O'hare- there is a huge tram system-- just follow the signs and get on, and it takes you to your terminal- not a big deal. You probably just need to check in when you get there- as it is a different airline, but you will have plenty of time..

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You may or may not have to pick up your luggage - it depends on if United and Japan have what is called an "interlining agreement." The United agents when you check in should be able to tell you if you'll need to pick it up or not. You also may or may not be able to pick up boarding pass when you check in for your United flight.

As for the time, 1:45 should be adequate to get between terminals. Here's a map: CLICK HERE FOR MAP. You'll grab the tram at T1 and take it to T5. You will probably have to go through security again. You may have to check in, but JAL should have a "connecting" passengers desk or something to help you.

I'm surprised that O'Hare doesn't have connection information on their website, based on the amount this question comes up.

Anyway, don't feel too bad. JFK is just as bad as O'Hare, so either choice would have sucked equally.


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Don't worry. An hour and three quarters is plenty of time to transfer. The attendant at the first check-in point will explain what you need to do and if you need to recheck your bags.

When you exit the first plane, just follow the signs for "connecting flights" (or something similar). You don't need to be there 2 to 3 hours ahead of time. They know you're connecting. When in doubt, ask, ask, ask. Airport people are usually really friendly and helpful.

Remember that big airports cater to a lot of people - so don't be intimidated by the size. They're designed (or supposed to be designed) to move massive amounts of passenger traffic quickly and efficiently. Like Greg mentioned, check the airport map, plan a route, then ask questions if you need to. I once transferred at Cincinnati airport between terminals (shuttle bus and all) in 20 minutes and just caught the flight. Our luggage didn't make it till the next day, though.

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Thanks guys ,

I tried calling United Airlines with the number 1-800-241-6522 .. but it seemed to be only for reservations/sales. I wanted to call and ask about the luggage. Does anyone know a number for general questions??

Greg, I also surprised about the O'Hare website not having any information. I looked on the O'Hare website, United Website, Japan Airlines website ...

CanadaGuy, does the tram from Terminal 1 - 5 take a long time? Since terminal 1 and 5 seem farthest away from each other :P and does it contuniesly run or there are set times? Like every 5/10/15 minutes [like some subways].

I just hope that my first flight is on time, I don't need my transfer time shortened.

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Seems you are paniking over nothing here lovely!

When you check in on UA, make sure yuor bags are checked in all the way. JL will then see that you are a Transit passenger and if your flight , for any reason is delayed, then they wil sort you out another flight. If it's UA's fault, then, UA will sort you out another connection.

You will be fine, dont panic, dont worry, and rememebr you will not be the only person that day transfering in O'Hare! I have been there many times from internation to domestic (usually on AA) papping myself as you land, thinking somethign will go wrong, but nothing ever has and I always make connections!



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The trams run continuously - probably every 5 to 10 minutes during the day when people are using them to transfer between terminals...
Again- I would not worry....

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Oh and it should only take a few minutes when you get on-- there are announcements in the tram as you go terminal to terminal obviously

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Hello Starlight:)

Dont worry. U wont get lost. There is usually an information desk at all terminals of airports. They will point u in the right direction, for your connecting flight. Also, the airline will likely have a desk, in the terminal so u can ask them too.
And u dont need to check in again. They will give u 2 bording passes, when u check in for the first flight. One of the boarding passes is for the second flight, so dont lose it. Also, u dont have to collect your luggage, because the airline staff will put it on the second flight, for u. But u do have to go through the security stuff again, before the second flight. ie they x-ray your hand luggage and metal detect u.