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I am headed to Thailand in a few days, travelling bymyself. First time ever....yikes. I am gonna hit Chiang Mai, Cambodia, and Southern Thailand.
The main thing I want to do is some sweet treks through the jungle, meeting tribes that kinda thing. Just wondering if anyone has some references to good guides, any helpful hints and special places to see.

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I think you need to ask then only we can answer. I mean info can be bulky.

Well.. for me I had been to Thailand (chiang mai and bangkok) backpacking alone. If u need info on place to stay , i stayed at Julie's guesthouse.
As for food, I actually ate bits and pieces from hawker stalls. Then did the jungle trekking ( 3 days 2 nights) with elephant trekking and rafting. The trekking agent was a recommendation from Julie's guesthouse for RM150(plus food and accomodation in the jungle). Julie's dorm price would be RM6 per night. You can leave your bag , passport (stored in a safebox) , etc at Julie's in case u wanna do the jungle trekking or yada yada...

Well, i guess these are all the info i can tell you.

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erm,....Chiang Mai,...i think you should go to Ben Guesthouse. The price is reasonable and they had a day tour to Luang Prabang,Laos. Luang Prabang is a damn cool place. Well,i am sure there are many local travel agencies there but the best is you go to TAT office. They are the government office and they do have a lot of activities and tours which are also reasonable. Once you are already at Chiang Mai,you are already near to Mae Salong(Santhakiri). That place is freaking unique. Its like a small little China with 95% of the population are Chinese and they do speak Chinese there. Oolong tea is famous there as well. You should go there once you are in Chiang Mai. Enjoy your trip!!!;)

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In Bangkok stay at soi1guesthouse, mucho info,
in chaing mai I suggest Spicy thai backpackers. the owner has been a tour guide in the area for years, Very informative dude with lots of little inside knowledge about local area. i found it great as It gets you away from the "tourist" crowds giving the feel of a real trek.
the most important thing about coming to Thailand is the first few days getting ajusted to the climate. drink plenty of water.

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In Cambodia you may be interested to do the trek in Ratanakiri province - the heavily forested part of the country. Check in for more info on the trekking and ecolodge accommodation there.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, consider trekking with the 3rdeyetravel. Check in

Enjoy Cambodia & Thailand

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