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wondering if i could get some information on the atm card that are being use in america. i read from somewhere that americans needs to enter a 6 digit pin access in order to withdraw money from the atm's.

if it's true, the question is the atm card accepted in england whereby they only uses a 4 digit pin access to their atm? has anyone been through this?

i've been to my local bank but a further and definite answer couldn't be provided to my question of clarification. i uses a 6 digit pin access.

thanks for the time.

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I think the best people to ask about this matter are the banks in England. Contact the customer service via e-mail on their websites and see what they have to say about it.

Personally, I don't see that as a problem. Logically thinking, their system *should* be able to accept the 6-digit PIN since this is a policy in so many countries around the world, and being on the same network (Cirrus, Maestro), they should have known about it.

This is what I've experienced. Locally in Malaysia, the system will automatically proceed to accept the PIN the moment all six digits are keyed in. You don't need to press the Enter key to submit. However when using my ATM card overseas, I am required to press the enter key to submit my PIN for authentication. I think the moment the ATM detects a non-local card, the system will allow you to key in whatever number of digits required by you, and you will press Enter to submit whatever PIN you've keyed in.

The same goes for a ATM cards with four-digit PIN in Malaysia. I've personally used a foreign bank ATM card in Malaysia before and the card comes with a 4-digit PIN. ATM cards in Malaysia use 6-digit PINs. So what happened was the same as when I was in overseas using my Malaysian bank ATM card. All I needed to do was to press Enter after keying in my 4-digit PIN. That was all. And I was presented with a totally different menu system when using the foreign ATM card.

Anyway, IF banks in the UK really couldn't accept 6-digit PIN (which I highly doubt), there's nothing that you could do to make them accept your cards anyway.

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I think I know what you mean. I tried to use both my Canadian bank card and visa card at an ATM in Vienna Austria last May - and it didn't work! The key pad was different than what we have here in North America. In Canada we can use 4 - 6 digits as a PIN, I chose a 5 digit one. Unfortunately, in Vienna it is 4. My cousin from Germany has a special bank card that's with Cirrus (and contains a computer chip) and he can use it anywhere including North America.


Petra M, Vancouver

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thanks Hien for the detailed information.

thanks Petra, for the sharing!