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1. Posted by Bucksboy25 (Budding Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi all.

The short of it all is that i've recently split from my girlfriend of almost 5 years. I'm selling out my half of the flat and taking my money and running. Due to various family birthdays i wont be able to leave the UK til End November/December.

So the plan would be Sydney for Christmas and New Year then off round Oz. I've got this strange idea in my head that i'd like to work in a Vinyard for abit, picking grapes, avoiding the snakes and spiders. Anyway's after however long when i fancy a change i'd pop accross to New Zealand, i got a contact out there so could work for abit. Then backpack some more. Then maybe Bali, Thailand, India. Who knows. Any suggestions or people in the same deliberating state please get in touch. Thanks.


2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

If you are looking for suggestions of places to maybe visit, you'll need to be a little more specific and perhaps say some of the things you are interested in and how you plan on staying ie hostels, hotels etc. The world is just too big a place to be able to give any sort of pointers with such limited information.

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Hello Mark,

Im about to take the same big leap. I have just lost my partner in a tragic road accident and need a new path to keep me going. The world is a big place and I dont even know where to begin so im keeping an eye on the advice you get given in the hope it gives me ideas. Good luck, enjoy the vine yards.


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Hi Guys

I have traveled the world for over five years and circumnavigated the earth one and a half times so i would be delighted to offer some advice.

Firstly what type of journey are you looking for ? What do you want to get from it ? What terrain are you most interested in seeing ?

Once you are sure of what you want and what your budget is, then you can start planning.

My advice is simple PLAN your route around the weather seasons. If you do it right you can stay in the SUN for all your journey. Then I would consider the Politics of each country, would you want to visit Sudan, Iran or Angola now?

What transport would you be looking to use, a bike, motorbike, car or backpacking ?

I am happy to say that 99.99 percent of the people in any country are nice, friendly and eager to share in your dream, just make sure you treat everybody new as you would your best friend. The lonely Planet books are great and your embassy's will offer great advice on intended locations.

The planning is almost as exciting as the journey - Enjoy

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If you want to do a lot of miles and go to many countries, a continent based one world ticket is about the best ticket you could buy, because most tickets limit you to a maximum of 39,000 miles but that one can go for anything up to about 70,000 miles if you really wanted to make your journey with lots of backtracking to get your frequent flyer miles up. You can reach places like Easter Island which is a once in a lifetime experience on that ticket.

Like Soa said most people in most countries will be happy to share in your dream, but I reckon if you tried Iraq, Afghanistan and a few others, that 99.99% example might be more like 5% with 95% trying to blow you head off your shoulders. In places like Mexico, Guatemala and other Central American countries and also South American countries you would have to be a lot more vigilant than say you would in Australia.

If you are interested in history, architecture or have a keen interest in photography, I have got loads of places that I could reccommend not to miss (especially Rome, St Petersburg and Moscow above many other nice places that I've been). St Petersburg is especially nice with all the nice old Russian style architecture/palaces that bring a new meaning to the word over the top decorations. Rome has so much to see and do it isn't funny but the whole of Italy if you exclude Naples is great. Naples is a really shitty city in my view, but undoubtedly someone on here will disagree with me but if they had what happened to me and witnessed the same things I did I'm sure they'd think the same.

If you are planning on being in Sydney in the Christmas/New Year period, I'd definitely look at booking your accommodation in advance, because New Years Eve celebrations in Sydney is about the biggest thing as far as number of visitors anywhere in Australia. So if you don't book well in advance ou may find yourself sleeping on the streets.

Have a great trip