What is there to do in Panama?

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I am just wonderin gwhat there is to explore in Panama?
I am going to Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rice and figured I might as well check out Panama while I'm down that way but just wanted to know what types of attractions or sights there are to be seen.



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I can't help you with what to see in Panama as I haven't been there, but perhaps you may like to try posting this in the central america section seeing it is a central america question and not a RTW one. I think you are more likely to get help doing that, because generally speaking people from Panama are highly unlikely to be RTW travellers and be looking on this section.

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Go Fishing!

Panama means Land of Many Fish-check out nature and see what the place is all about.

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i've been to panama once, unfortunately on a touristy rather trip to a village full of indigenous people (who probably put their jeans back on once we left, but made a buttload off of all the people who bought their "handcrafted" stuff). anyway, while there i made a friend about my age who was with the tribe and learned quite a bit about panama and his life, and it has become one of my favorite countries, well at least i want to spend a lot more time there after going.

panama... i know they get a lot of rain, about 8 months a year or so. very difficult to live there because of it, so the population's only about 4 million or so... kinda sad stuff. the colon is tied to the dollar, so that helps out a bit. very beautiful rivers and lakes, forests as well. i want to spend several months there on my rtw trip (well in the future). as with most parts of the world, the people are very interesting and different from people i am used to, and there's so much i can learn from them.

in terms of things to do? check out colon and get a trip over to kuna yala. i really want to do that someday, kuna yala is on the atlantic coast, some pretty cool things to see/do there according to what i've read.


the swastika on the flag kinda creeps me out, but at the same time, it definitely does not mean the same thing that we've all come to relate it to. i'll be there one day, renting my islands for $2/day

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Niote that Panama is not on the Atlantic Ocean no matter what locals believe -it's the Caribbean.

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When I went to Panamá, I for example

checked out the Canal in Panama city
went to see the "desert" in Chitre
chilled/snorkeled/dived on Bocas Bravas and Bocas del Torros
hiked around Boquete

I can only recommend everything unless you are unlucky with the weather!