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We want to go to the Amazone next year, probably for one month or so.
I just know some places like Manaus in Brazil or Iquitos in Peru. Actually we want to start in one of those 2 places and end in the other one. Is Manaus best to start or Iquitos?
What about the best flying options from Europe, and the price? I reckon it's not really cheap is it?

But the unknown part is between those two cities: what's there to see and do? Can you explore everything by yourself or do you need to book day or multiple day tours when there?
And transport along the route, only by boat? Is an occasional flight necessary?

Any help is welcome, thanks!

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Hi Michael,
have you checked KLM ?
the fly now direct non stop from Amsterdam to Lima.
I did not the trip to Brasil on this scary boats,was afraid that I would end up without my cameras and other things.
sorry have only little infos for you.

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KLM/Air France have a tie up at the mo.
Flying into Brazil (Sao Paulo) on one leg and out of Lima on the way home.
Quite expensive at 890* pounds sterling though.

I am afraid I know nothing of the trip you are doing.

Sounds like a great adventure though and no doubt someone will soon have the answers you crave.

  • I hasten to add this was from Edinburgh so required a connection so poss down to almost 800.

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Has somebody here on TP never done a trip from lets say Iquitos, Manaus, Tefe or Leticia to some amazone parts?