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I am wanting to travel to Armenia.... has anyone been there? What is cheapest way of getting there and from what country. Any advice?

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Hi I'm not sure where you're coming from so it's hard to say what the best way to get to Armenia is, but in the past I've looked into going to Yerevan from the UK and the cheapest way I could find was flying to somewhere serviced by budget airlines like Tbilisi, and then getting the train to Yerevan which is (I'm told) very cheap. There's also a bus which will cost you about 7 Euros and takes about 12 hours.

You can fly to Tbilisi from Riga for as little as 72 Euros including taxes with Air Baltic. They also do flights direct to Yerevan from Riga, but these seem to be around the 200 Euro mark one way so it would certainly be cheaper getting the train/bus from Tbilisi. Obviously you'll have to search flights to find the cheapest ones for the date on which you want to go and from your location, but for me I had planned getting a cheap flight to Riga with Ryanair from the UK (30 Euros or so) and then flying to Tblisi from Riga with Air Baltic (70 euros) making a total of 100 Euros plus the cost of the train/bus from Georgia. If you're going in summer it may be a little more expensive for these flights, but for me this was the cheapest route I could find.

Air Baltic -

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I've been to Armenia.
Like Blankfrack said, it depends where you are from.
From Holland, I took a cheap return flight to Istanbul and traveled overland to Georgia and on to Armenia.
There are loads of marshrutka's (minibuses) from Tblisi to Armenia, the fastest option, it didn't take 12 hours as I remember, maybe half or a bit more. It's a bit packed, but very cosy and you meet lots of people.
By the way, I liked Georgia more than Armenia, so try to stay some time overthere as well.
But in Armenia, apart from Yerevan, you can do daytrips to Sevan, Echmiadzin, Mt. Aragats (not Ararat) and if you want you can visit Nagorno Karabagh as well (not on a daytrip).