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i'm interested in working on a cruise ship as i hear this is a great way to save money as well as get around. Every website i look at however is asking for a fee in order to look at the jobs available or to post an aplication form- normally about 48 dollars- is there another site anyone knows of where i don't have to pay in order to see what's avaliable, or should i pay?
Any other advice about working on a cruise ship would be much appreciated.



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I know absolutely nothing about this, but I'd always be wary of anything that asks you to pay first...working for someone is supposed to be mutually beneficial...don't see why you should have to pay a fee for the priviledge of viewing their job ads! Reminds me of those dodgy modelling agencies that you have to pay a fee for and then they scarper with your money (yes, I am a fan of 'Watchdog'!)

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Never pay to post your resume or apply!

There are recruiters out there that do not charge a fee for helping you with finding a job (they are paid by the cruiselines once you finish your contract).

Working on a cruise ship is incredibly fun and rewarding. But be aware that it is NOT the glamorous life that can be portrayed, cruise ship employees work VERY hard, and play hard too!! I was a "shoppie" (gift shop employee) and worked on average almost 60 hours a week, and we were only open when the ship was at sea!! Different itineraries will fluctuate those hours. Other departments such as housekeeping, waitstaff, deck, engine.... they work even longer hours. It all depends on what you are qualified for and looking for.

As for saving money.... yes. IF you are disciplined. I started out making about $800/month, factor in activities on shore, crew bar bills and basic feminine supplies and necessities..... I was not saving much.

Also expect very early morning work days.

If you don't mind, can I ask where you are from? I might be able to help you out more with recruiters if I know your location.... Otherwise, best best is to apply directly to the cruise lines or concession companies.

Hopefully I can help you out more with any questions you might have.

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I was also thinking about this. I would like to work as a purser or receptionist. I have qualifiactions from working in offices / travel agencies in the Uk but appently these mean nothing for the crusie industry.

It would be ideal to get a cruise job and sail around the world. Im used to the long hours as ive been woring 70 hours a week to pay for my planned europe trip.

Can anyone let me know of agencies to apply to for work?



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Unfortunately I only know of Canadian agencies. The one I used was they may or may not be able to help you out. They are based in Quebec.

But definitely start researching by heading directly to the cruise lines website. Try the big lines such as Princess, NCL, Holland America, Carnival, Royal Caribbean. Or, if you can find smaller, more local lines in your respective home countries it might be a good start too.

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i am also looking at working on a cruise ship next year, not so much to save money, but to pass the time... i would love to sail through greece or turkey... does anyone know what cruise lines are looking for jobs? (preferably as waitress, bus girl, or a maid...) and how far in advance do i need to apply??...

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Cruise lines are always looking for wait staff/bus staff/maid.... and the way to apply for those jobs is directly through them. But most of these jobs usually go to Eastern Europeans or Filipinos. Almost never to Canadians, which puts you at a big disadvantage unfortunately. Most Canadians work as youth staff, shoppies, shore excursions, or behind the front desk.

As for the Greece and Turkey cruising, for the big lines I know that Princess, P&O, NCL all cruise those areas. I did my contract with WindStar Cruises in Greece and Turkey, which is a very small cruise line, and in fact just got bought by another company.

As for time to apply to date leaving.... be ready at any given moment. I know people who have waited months for a job, and I personally was gone within 2 weeks.... you HAVE to be prepared to basically get up and leave at a moments notice if needed.

Any other questions, just message me!!! Chiquita, I took a quick peek at your profile..... Manitoulin Island eh? My grandparents lived in Tobermory ;)