Has anyone out there studied Spanish in Southern Spain?

Travel Forums Europe Has anyone out there studied Spanish in Southern Spain?

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I am going to study spanish in Granada for 4 weeks and stay in a shared student apartment. It's costing me about EUR700 for 20 hours a week of language lessons + the shared flat. I think that's pretty good after living in London for 2 years and paying twice that for my current shared flat.
Anyway, has anyone else studied in Granada or anywhere else in Spain for that matter? How did you find it? Did you learn much of the language? Did you make lots of friends?
I have all the usual sort of nerves and apprehensions about doing something like this on my own but think at the end of the day it's 4 weeks and I am learning a foreign language in a foreign country - what could be bad about that right?!
Any tips/warnings would be greatfully received!:)

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I dont know if you will learn a lot of spanish in Granada (as the local accent is not the most perfect...), but you will certainly enjoy the stay!! It is a great place, and there are lots of people there in the same situation as you, so im sure you will meet lots of people at the school and will have a great time!

If you need any info in particular dont hesitate to ask, I am not living there at the mo, but I can be still be considered a "local"

x x Miromar x x

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Alright mate, im doing the exact same thing, and looking at the price you stated, probably the same school (Euro Estudios Granada). I'm starting on 16th July, with a plan to stay in Granada until the following July by living with Spanish students and finding a job. If you want to learn the language, just stay away from the English speakers. I've heard lots about the city and is apprantly amazing but also very hot (40 degrees in the summer). I'm basically throwing myself in the deep end here and its gona be very hard for the first couple of months after the lessons i imagine, but thats all part of the fun and is the best way to pick up the language.


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Hey thanks for your offer Miromar. As it's university holidays so most of the resident students will have left Granada during July - what is Granada like without the extra 100,000 people in it?!

Can you recommend any particular spots to hang out in (bars, pubs, places), and any nearby towns, places of interest that are must-sees?

Christian - I am also going to be studying at that school, but from either 2 July or 9 July I'm not quite sure which start date I can do yet. You are brave doing a full year in Spain, no doubt at the start it will be challending but after about 3 months though the rest of the time will fly and you'll be loving it.
I am only able to be in Spain for 6-8 weeks maximum and any more than that I'd need to work (cash in hand, as I'm kiwi no EU passport unfortunately). It's my last European trip after living and traveling in Europe for 2 years (London based), time to go back home now and this is en route!
I'm attempting to gain an in-depth experience of Spain by trying to learn as much of the language in the short time I can afford (4 weeks) and then travel for a further 3 weeks. Hope you don't mind me asking, but what has brought you to go to Spain, and work/study the language? And, what made you choose Euro Estudios and Granada in Particular?


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Ill be graduating with a degree in Medical Microbiology on the 9th July and so i NEED a break i've booked the flight for the next day and staying in a hostel until the 16th when im moving into accomadation with the school. I originally (1.5 years ago) started learning Spanish becuase of a holiday i took to ibiza and the travel opportunities that come with it. Then i just got hooked and began saving loads of my student loans to repare for traveling spanish speaking countries. i have alot of spanish friends here at uni and i love their way of life. I want to stay for a year to improve my spanish to a decent but also to live the culture instead of just seeing it when passing through cities for a few days at a time, if you know what i mean. Are you staying in the accomadation, if so, te veo alli!


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Hey guys,

I think you have made a good decision in staying in a place for awhile and try to learn the language. Granada is very special, and im sure you'll agree with me after your stay.

You are right, Granada is a lot busier in the winter, as students put the population number right up! But i must say in the last few years, it seems to be really busy as well in the summer, probably due to the amount of tourist and students like you that go there in the summer. It is also a great opportunity to visit the towns in the coast, or the mountains. There are local "fiestas" in the coast around the 16th of July, which is are the celebrations of "la virgen del Carmen" day, and they take the religious parades out in a boat in the sea! The coast is only 1h away by coach, and the ski station (which is great for trekking and such in the summer) is only 45mins away. You also can visit the little white towns in the "Alpujarras" and area not far from granada that somehow still keeps the charm of the unspoilt mountain cities.

As in Granada itself, well, so many places to do! And what is relating to bars, pubs... well, i think i'll give you the info closer to the date, as the list is endless!! But if you are staying in the city centre (which i guess) you'll find that everything is close by. There is also during the summer quite a few "summer clubs" located in the outskirts (they all provide transport all night long to the centre) which are huge and outdoors, and you can party there til the sun rises! I can give you more details of those too.

Anyway, i could go on forever, but anything more specific you need, only ask, and i'll be happy to help!

With regards of working, well, i cant help, as i dont know how the situation is at the moment, but it wont be easy.. unfortunately employment opportunities are something we do not have in abundance down south. But you should still try!! As the amount of foreigners is increasing greatly, they need people speaking fluent english in bars and such, so try!


take care guys!

x x Miromar x x

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Great tips, thanks!
Where are you from in Spain originally Miromar? What's your favourite destination in Spain?
Hows your heat tolerance Christain? I met someone on Friday afternoon who has spent time in a holiday home in Granada and he warned me that it can be up to 44 degrees celcius during July & August in Southern Spain (particularly Madrid and Seville which he termed the "frying pan" of Spain due to it's geographical shape being like a wok that holds all the heat in!), and in Granada it can still be 40 degrees at 8pm!
I was thinking that if it's going to be ridiculously hot in Granada in July then I might prefer to go north for language lessons - maybe San Sebastian.

I want to be able to go hiking and make trips to the beach easily and bearing in mind that the heat might make me pass out on a mountain, in the Sierra Nevada and the 1.5 hour bus ride to the coast from Granada might be too inconvenient and taint the experience?

Just disappointing to not be able to experience life in the south fully, and will there still be loads to do up north?

Amy :)

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Hola Amy

About the heat, we'll soon find out, considering I'm there for a year I'm sure I'll aclimatise at some point.... well i hope so

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i dunno which organisation you're going with, but i went to boston last year with EF to study English & i was also there for a month & i think it's prty save to say i learnt NOTHING! the classes weren't helpful at all, a bit ridiculous & a waste of time actually. the only thing i learnt was how to speak faster, lol, by talking with the friends i made.

so i don't think you should look at it as a OMG I AM GONNA LEARN SO MUCH SPANISH FOR SURE course, because i took an intensive course & that was something like 32 hours & yours in only 20, so just look at it as a OMG I AM GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN SPAIN HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE MY OWN AGE course!

have a great time! :)