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I have 3 full days in London....I realize that is a LARGE city and 3 days probably is not enough regardless but here is my question..

Should I spent all 3 days in London, or only 2 and spend the 3rd day on a day trip to Bath and Stonehenge?

The things that I most want to see/do in Londo are the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. Pauls Cathedral and Tower of London...I also want to spend some time in the Picadilly....will 2 days be enough to cover all this because I also really want to see Bath and Stonehenge...

I am not big on waiting in lines to go into places, I will make an exception for the London Eye, but just to see most of those places from outside is fine enough for me.

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I jsut recently returned from a 3 day trip to London. We had a blast, but no you will definately not get to see everything. My suggestion to you is to take things slow and enjoy things that you like. Marathon traveling, where you go from one sight to the next just to check it off your list, is never much fun. One great thing about London is that most of the major monuments are very centrally located so it should be easy for you to see them. I would advise against leaving the city, because as long as three days may seem, trust me with jet lag and everything else..its much harder than you think. However, if you do decide to go, I would try and go on your second day in the UK. This way you will have the last day in London to relax.

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I would reccomend you to stick to only London, 3 days is NOt enough, and a trip to Stonehenge will take a full day (and maybe some people will kill me for this, but not that worth it). Bath is quite far, it can be done in a day, but you will definately be rushing.

There are plenty of things to do in london, apart from the typical sights, and if the weather is kind to you (at the moment is PERFECT!!) you will definately appreciate the time in the city!

Any more info, let me know!


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3 days in London will pass really quick, also because a lot of the sights are really spread out over the city.

St. Pauls and the Eye have entrance fees, that are sky high. (12,50 and 13 pounds in 2006). But don't forget that a lot of the museums have no entrance fee. (like the Tate (both) and the British Museum). Even if you don't like art of history, it's good to just drop in, and maybe only see the highlights.

If you feel Stonehenge and Bath are a must-see for you, then go there, if it's not (or you can wait until a next trip) then skip it and use the time in London.

For the Eye it is wise to get your tickets in the morning when they open the ticketoffice. As that at least cuts the time for the cue. (You can return later in the day for the ride, but expect a line as well). If you get the tickets, it's a short walk to the houses of Parliament and Westminster.