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So I was just wondering if anyone has volunteered at an exchange orginization such as YFU = Youth For Understanding.

I'm 18 years old, going to be 19 in June. I'm going to be attending classes for TESL in the fall-time. [after having a horrible time in community college].

I graduated from High-school in 2006 & while in High-school was president of the International Club which did a lot of things with exchange students [of course] so I made a lot of friends through the program. I watched a lot of presentations by YFU at this time as well and made one speech [which was pulled on me! so i had no time to prepare .. talk about scary].

But I was wondering what kind of Volunteer work I could do where I could still meet exchange students since I miss being able to meet them in school. [going to a school for TESL means that it doesn't have international students] & that could also help me get exerience in my field. I heard you can do counsiling for international students or their host families?

I've met both good and bad host families in my experiences with my friends and ex-boyfriend. So I think I understand a lot about who are good host families and who are not and how to understand students living with them, even though I have never been an exchange student myself. I also was the one that a lot of exchange students came to for help when I was in school because of my role in the international club.

I am visiting one of my friends in Japan this summer for 5 weeks and staying at her home ... I guess it will sort of be like an exchange except of course I will have no orginization and will not be attending school.

So basically I just really miss the experience of meeting new people from different countries [esp asian countries] ... so how can I go about this? I miss going on those outing with the exchange students and hearing their experiences in the US and at home and such.

My husband and I can't host a student either because we're only 18 and 21 .. and besides the age obviously not financially stable enough to have a student.

Oh & also ... I would only be able to volunteer on like weeknights as I have 2 jobs currently & the TESL school would be all day saturdays.

Haha. Long. Sorry.

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