3 months to travel in June 2007! where do i go?

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Hi, I'm off travelling this June and haven't really got a plan. As a rough idea i'm thinking of Asia (India, thailand etc) and then down to Australia and New Zealand but if anyone's got any better ideas please let me know thanks

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Depending on where you are thinking of going in those regions you may be heading there are the wrong time. I know in June India is scortching hot in Delhi and other places up in the north infact many people die because of it being too hot. I was there last June and it got to 50C on a few days and well over 30C every day and it was HOT!!!! By that stage I was used to hot weather, but nothing can prepare you for the heat in Delhi where you can fry an egg on the bonnet of a car with the heat! Australia for the most part will be in the cool weather except in the north where it is the best time of year to travel. New Zealand is cold most the year, but especially so around that time.

I guess if you want to have a real adventure in your time in Australia you could do what most overseas tourists don't do and see Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. If you see from Perth up you'll have an adventure of a lifetime and see some of the most amazing scenery you are ever likely to see and that is no exaggeration if you explore the right regions of the Kimberley and Pilbara Region. If you are able to hire a car and go along the Gibb River Road (not for the faint hearted), that sure is one hell of an adventure. If you did that, you would need to make sure you read the conditions of the rental contract well, because a lot of rental companies will make the insurance policy void if you go on some of the more adventure roads.

Maybe if you left India out due to the terribly hot weather then, you could go to Thailand but do a whirlwind tour of South East Asia before movie on to Australia. Maybe land in Bangkok, get a cheap Air Asia flight to Hanoi, then go overland through Vietnam, get a 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour that ends in Phnom Penh, do some of Cambodia, maybe Laos if time permits and then head back to Bangkok for the flight to Australia. I did that same trip in South East asia except I didn't get to Laos but instead got a cheap Air Asia flight from Phnom Penh-Bangkok. That was really great, but India on the other hand was more on the terrible side (the only place I have had to change my flights to leave early due to disliking it so much in the 48 countries I've been to). If you spend maybe 1 month doing the whirlwind tour of South East Asia, and then 2 months in Australia if you wanted to do an adventurous type trip, that would be good, anything less than that in Australia and you wouldn't get a chance to see a great deal worth seeing, because people here for 12 months will still not see everything worth seeing.

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aharrold45 makes some good points about weather, and that's definetly something to consider. India will be scorching hot in June and then rainy in July and August. There are parts that you can still go to - Ladakh is at its best in July and August, Rajasthan is fine even during the monsoon in August, and anywhere in the Himalayas will be much cooler in June. So India is not out as a destination, it just takes more planning with less options. New Zealand will be in the middle of winter, so if your intention is do hike and see alot of nature in the South Island, you should probably come back another time instead. In Australia, it will also be winter, but you can head up North where the weather should be fine. Unlike the last poster I wouldn't rave about the West Coast as much and on such a short trip you should stick to the East Coast and the center.

Anyways, what i was really planning on saying was that I think you are planning waaaaayyyyyy too much for a 3 months trip. India, South East Asia, Australia and NZ is the kind of trip that you would take if you have 6 months to a year to spare. In 3 months I would stick to 1 or 2 regions. Southeast Asia (visiting thailand, cambodia, Vietnam, laos and Malaysia) is perfect for a 3 months trip. Or you could do a combination of Thailand and Australia. One of the benifits of this is that flights will work out cheaper. You could get a return ticket to oz with a free stop over in bangkok. If you choose India, then i would give it at least a month, but you could easily spend 3 months and see only a small chunck of the country.