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will be driving from Grand Canyon to Las Vegas at night and I was wondering if there is any place I can stop my car to take in the wonderful view of Vegas at night?

Somewhere at a higher elevation will be preferred.

will appreciate if anyone can recommend me any nice spot as i approach LV from the South.



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After you leave Boulder City, there is a small casino: 'Railroad Pass Casino' on your right. There is a traffic signal to allow southbound 93 cars to turn into the casino. Just after Railroad Pass Casino you have a small hill, slow down and be ready to stop just after the hill. On the other side is a nice view of the Las Vegas valley. You will have to pull over in the breakdown lane to take a photo, but it is worth it. Good Luck.

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When you get in to Las Vegas, one of the days you are there you should go to the Paris Casino and go up to the Eiffel Tower lookout which is opposite the Bellagio hotel. That gives really spectacular views over Las Vegas but particularly great views over the watershow that goes off out the front of the Bellagio hotel. It is particularly spectacular after dark.

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Thanks for the information..

Mike -

Is it safe to get out of the car to admire the view?? I was hoping for a lookout point where I can park the car, get out and just enjoy the view for 5 - 10 min or so.

Harrold -

Will definately try to go up the tower. I also noted that the Stratosphere does allow people to go up too. Is that bettet than the Paris tower?


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The Stratosphere gives a full view looking in one direction of the Strip, but from there you can't see the waterworks which in my view is the best thing in Vegas you get a birds eye view a long distance from the best bit of the strip. If you have ever watched the TV show Las Vegas and seen the promo at the beginning of each episode and thought how amazing Vegas looks (which is why I went), that must've been taken from the lookout deck in the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel tower shows the whole of Vegas but it is more in the central area so you can't get to see it close to the most amazing section of the strip. Watching the watershow start dancing to the tune of various songs from the Eiffel tower is far nicer especially for taking photos or video of it than standing at ground level waiting for it to go off. The Fremont Experience at night is closer to the Stratoshere, but you can't see the bit that makes it worth going to (when the screen that supposedly cost 2 Billion dollars which is on the roof of the whole mall sectionstarts doing its show in the evening time). That show is also a pretty cool thing but the surrounding area isn't exactly the nicest bit of Vegas in fact walking to the hostel which was about 200 metres from there was a bit frightening after dark by myself. It seemed as if people were following me getting prepared to rob me, because even when I crossed the road in the middle they would follow me, but I am a very fast walker so I was able to keep ahead of them. (If possible do not cross the road on a red light because the fines are rediculous. I think from memory it was $500US if you got caught Jay Walking away from the Strip or $1000US if you got caught Jay Walking on the strip). If you do feel you must, be sure to look around for any cops both in car, bicycle or foot especially around the Fremont Experience area because that amount of cash is a bit much to have to fork out simply for crossing the road on red when it has no traffic.

It is probably an idea to see Vegas from both perspectives but if I had to choose only one the Eiffel Tower one would be the one I'd choose.

Have a great trip.

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I am sending you a more detailed option in a PM.

Allan, the Fremont Street Experience is unique, but you do have the price off a bit. It was built for $70 million in '95 and upgraded a few years ago to digital for another $17 million. A bit less than 2 billion. The Wynn Las Vegas was built for less than 2 billion and it is a bit more elaborate than a 5 block canopy with a light & sound show.

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I thought the 2 billion figure sounded a bit rediculous seeing the it was basically just a huge strange shaped television screen that would have cost the majority of the money. That's the figure one of the receptionists at the USA Hostels told me, so they are obviously full of it but then most of the staff there don't even live in Vegas and were being transferred from other parts of the country. Even 70 Million+17 million is an extreme rip off, but it was very unique.

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I will definately try the Fremont Experience!!

Personally i prefer to go to the shows that are free as the paying ones seems really pricy...

Any recommendation on hotel buffett and a place for a nice dinner??

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Cravings Buffet in Mirage (the hotel with the errupting volcano!) is great - would really recommend the Sunday brunch - includes your champange also!

The buffet in Aladain & Belagio are also delicious - the snow crab legs are to die for!