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Im planning on going backpacking along the East coast of Australia in November and Im wondering if anyone has some advice for me. Id love to know aporximatly how much money I will need (if Im staying in hostels the whole time and excluding airfare) and Any suggestions on which Hostels to stay in would be great. ALso any suggested places to go out at night/visit during the days would help. Thanks a bunch ;)

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i guess cant really tell you how much you need; dont know how long you staying for, whats your plans and so on.

you just need to work out how many days you staying in a hostel for - some hostels actually offers cheaper prices if you staying for bulk days, say its 26 per night, but if you staying for a week, they probably charged you 160 for 7 days (but always best to check it out), how's your eating habits like - eating out or you will be cooking most of the time.

i always try to estimate how much my trip will cost by calculating how much i will probably spend a day. if you are real budgeted, maybe 35 bucks a day? maybe even lower, depends. transportation and food are expensive in aussie so yeah.

besides, which hostels are good to stay in, quite subjective! but pls do get reviews around the net as they do help sometimes. all the best!

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Thanks for the info. Im planning on going for 1.5 months. I dont want to be to cheap so $35/day is probably a little low. I will mostley eat grocery store food with the occasional eating out. Also Id like to go out some nights to the bars/pubs. Id also like to do a few day trips like snorkelling and learning to surf. so this I have to budget for too... Anyways If anyone will be on the east coast from November 1st to December 20th let me know and maybe we can meet there!

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I'd say if you budget about $50US a day for Australia, then you will be able to go out and have plenty of fun on your trip. If you really went stupid then that may not be enough, but I'm sure you have enough brains to figure out when you'd need to stop spending so much when you funds are getting low. It goes without saying though that the more money you have the more fun you will be able to have and more times you'll be able to go out drinking. Don't be too stupid though, because getting pissed, stumbling all over the street falling in to cars, vomitting and urinating loads of your cash back out in the toilet is something you can do back home and not spend thousands of dollars to have the opportunity to do. On the otherhand scuba diving/snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef isn't something you can do back home no matter how much you spend, so have great fun and experience Australia rather than spending most your time experiencing it in a toilet or bed recovering from nights out on the town binge drinking.

If you are planning on going to Cairns, it'd defintiely be adviseable to make it your first stop, but the weather will probably still be terrible because it is the beginning of the wet season when monsoonal rains start happening very regularly. Once you get out of the tropics in Far North Queensland, you will find that apart from the odd day every so often the weather should be pretty good.

Places for night life well Sydney and Melbourne both have plenty, Surfers Paradise does as well. This year between 17th November and Sunday 25th November is when schoolies week is on up on the Gold Coast/Surfers Paradise. At that time all the young kids who think that they have the right to vandalise peoples property, drink to excess, party all night long on the streets, have sex in public, do drugs and even on the odd occasion riot with police, come out on the town and party for a week like they are invisable and no laws apply to them. If you do want to go there when this festival is on, well I'd book your accommodation well in advance, because the place has people from all over come for the festivities that occur in that week.

Have a great trip.

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Please refer to a previous answer that I gave to a similar question - just go to my profile and the answer is listed. However, for others who may be viewing, the latest statistics from the Oz Tourist Authority indicate that the average backpacker spends $70 per day while in Oz. This includes travel, drinks, social life etc.

With a bit of planning and limited time in pubs it would be reasonable to get bye on $50 per day all in, but that extra $20 could make all the difference between an enjoyable trip and an exercise in endurance.