Considering to buy a car... Where and how much?

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Do you know how much it will cost to buy a car in any large city in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru or Ecuador?
Where is it cheaper to buy it?
Where is there little paperwork?
Where should I try to sell it?

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I dont know if its a good idea to buy a car over here.. in here (chile), its pretty easy task to buy one, but as a foreigner they will ask for some paperwork, because or else you could be buying with money from drugs, or other ilegal stuff, so i know that its a better idea by far to just rent one.
Also, if you want to go to Argentina for example, they will ask for some documentation that the car is yours, so in that case to buy one will be better, but stil..
Anyway, if you think so, i can find more information over here, just post it.

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Peru is maybe the best place to do it... What type of car u are looking for? In Tacna (South of Peru) they have developed a whole industry fro changing japaneese cars to occidental standards (Change of driving wheel) and prices of such cars are very low... this cars work fine but last less than a normal one... if its for a trip only, i recommend such a car.

In Lima you can also buy cheap cars in good conditions.

Of course, to cross a border on a car, the car must be registered as yours (or under the driver) Getting the documents might not be the nicest south american experience but it is doable... of course you might have to be prepare to give some "under the table" money to do it... just part of the system...

A daewoo racer 1996/1998 in good shape (Bought in Lima): between 2500 to 3500 US$
A friend of myne just bought a Mitsubishi 4x4 2001, pickup, doble cabin in Tacna for 12000 US$... you may find cheaper ones. this one included a lot of funcy stuff.
Offer is wide, if need help let me know.

Have lots of fun!