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1. Posted by tomik (Budding Member 6 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

We are family of three - my wife, 2 year old child and me. We have a idea of taking a year gap in our business life as from begining of next year. I know there are number of commercial offers in the Internet but they are pretty expensive and hardly any of them focus on family just individuals.
If you have any idea or experience in making a year gap happen please share that with me.
We think of working holiday in Namibia but I dont know weather it might be possible anyway.
I will be more than happy to get feedback from you.

best regards,

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Unsure about Namibia, but I think most countries which do working holiday visas have a cut off limit of age 31 for issuing those visas and according to your profile you are a bit older than that. So you may have a bit more trouble getting a working holiday visa unless you have got some sort of desperately needed qualification ie doctor etc

Like you have seen it would be a lot more tricky with trying to arrange something for a family instead of an individual. I guess if by a working holiday you mean flying to a place and doing volunteer work for a year and then after that flying back home, or if you mean flying to a place, work for a bit to save up money, travel, work for a bit more to save more money, travel a bit more .....

If you mean the latter one well you will probably find you are very limited in what you countries you could get this type of visa for given you are over 31.

If you are after a volunteering trip, well I have heard and seen many things about it happening in India, although I must day I didn't see any of it when I was in India (not that I was exactly looking for it). The country does have terrible poverty but supposedly it is one of the up and coming countries in terms of getting rid of it, but I don't think if I live for another 100 years it'll be almost poverty free. Some of the sites and things you see will be very nice like the Taj Mahal, but then a lot of the things you will see will make you very depressed at the thought that large sections of the country including a lot of people in the richest cities there are skin covered skeletons that can't even move due to having starved so much that their muscles are non existant to be able to move their bones. You'd see more beggers and people in desperate need of food to help them live in Mumbai than almost any other one city you go in another foreign country.

It is a pity you didn't have this brain wave before ou had the child and turned 31, because your options would have probably been considerably greater.

I think you'd find many volunteering options in places in Asia particularly the subcontinent, but as for if having a child with you of your own would be appropriate for doing these I couldn't tell you, maybe someone else reading this might have had some experience with bring a young child of along. If you do decide on something like this option, you will be changed for ever because India is an extremely difficult place to come to terms with emotionally and if it is June in Delhi physically as well with it being 50C on some days.

Have a great trip.

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Thanks for your comments. Well, it seems it's still not that easy to move to the place we would like to live for some time. As you said I had missed a chance to use the opportunity not doing so before I turned 31 but right now its simply too late and it makes no sense to look behind me.
Back to India theme, well, having a family and in particular a child of two safe destination is a priority to me. You know, I would not forgive myself if anything wrong happened to my child just because of my deep desire to travel the world. Last year I flew to India and still have those poverty pictures in my mind and eventhough the country makes a giant leap in terms of fighting poverty and simply make a better life for people in general I dont think that would be the right destination for our needs , family needs.
Perhaps there are other efficient ways to start living in a place like Namibia, perhaps starting up my own business...

thanks again,