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I will be staying in the Perth area for 3 nights in early June. Which is the better spot for a youth backpacker...Fremantle of Perth? Perth seems to offer more hostels, but I've read good things about Fremantle. Any hostels in particular? Also, in early June would a trip to Rottnest Island be worth it or will the weather too cold? Thanks


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GR i just wrote a whole big thing... and i just somehow erased it. shit. well ill start again lol

Freo and perth offer the same things really, it takes 30mins on the train to get from perth to freo.. so its not a problem to get form one place to the other.

freo is very pretty with quite colonial architechture, and a maritime history. there are loads of museums which have things to do with boats, marine related things.. i think freo is prettier to walk around in, it has a bohemian atmosphere, there are lots of alternative shops, street musicians and artists, and the market there is great. ppl come from all over the city to go to the market, and its HEAPS better than the market in subiaco...

theres a cafe strip in freo, which has bars, clubs and resturants, as well as cafes (obviously :P). there are loads of places to go there, as well as more bars/rest over the park from the esplanade hotel. its a harbour city, without all the ugliness and industry. well its there, but in the main part of freo you dont see it so much... its a very pretty area.

Perth is just as good but just not as pretty. its not ugly, its just more modern. theres stacks of shopping, and the suburb of northbrige is PACKED full of bars/clubs/resturants. there are stacks of places to stay, and the foreshore in south perth, as well as riverside drive is a nice place for a walk along the river.

kings park in perth is really really nice, if you like nature and just waking around forgetting your ein the city. its close to the CBD, and gives fantastic views over the city.

for cheap places to eat, id avoid the CBD in perth as this caters for the business crowd and is a bit expensive. however if you go to northbridge, you can find loads of places to eat for a good price. Hans Cafe is a popular one, with branches all over perth AND freo. its so cheap and its a bloody good feed! its thai based, and delish! you can also go to The Shed in northbridge, which is pretty cheap too, and has a nice relxed atmosphere (unless its fri or sat night when its full of the country, rowdy crowd!).

hope this helps!!


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oh and rotto... in june... if its a nice day then go, but there isnt a way to get around there aside from bikes. so if its pissing down with rain, its gonna be a miserable experience, and since the ferry costs like $45 or someting... you might wanna really think about that!

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Having lived in Perth for almost 30 years, I would suggest Freo as a base as opposed to Perth City, but it can get quite cold, wet and windy in June on the coastal strip as it is getting into early winter.
Most days are generally pretty clear and sunny so hope you jag the best we can offer.
Rotto is a great place for a day trip, and there should be a bus that circumnavigates the island on a regular basis, and all you do is get on and off at the beaches and bays that take your fancy. Maybe your only ever chance to see the rabid carniverous Quokka
I'm with jaxstar84 on the suggestions for the South Perth Swan River foreshore and Kings Park which has great views of the CBD and river.
If you are in James Street Northbridge, try the Old Shanghai food hall. A huge wonton soup should set you back about $9 AUD.
Welcome to paradise, and enjoy to the MAX.


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Thanks for all your responses! Unfortunatley, I'll be hitting Perth in the winter due to my northern hemisphere break. I wish I could go in Perth's summer when its great weather. I'll be in Perth for about 3.5 days. I won't plan Rottnest in stone, but Freo seems like the best place to anchor myself, with trips in Perth city. Thanks!

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I spent Easter in Perth.

A mate of mine moved over there about 5 years ago. He bought the "worse house in the best suburb" - a place called Cottesloe, and lives about a 10 minute walk from the beach; albeit on the "wrong side of the train line".

A nice place Perth.

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Hiya, definitely Freo and try the Old Firestation hostel - it's really lovely. If you're into diving there's some great sites on Rotto so worth planning if you decide to go there. Best of luck.

8. Posted by rborzillo (Budding Member 84 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

What about night life in Freo? It seems more like a subarb? Is northbridge a better place in the Perth metro for nightlife?