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1. Posted by Napoleon_U (Budding Member 34 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

My freind and I are planning on travelling for 6 months (more if we save enough or stretch what we have if possible) next year between (may-dec?).
The Idea is to go to Asia 4 months and Aus for 2 months e.g

India-China-Japan-Thailand-Cambodia-HongKong-Viet Nam-Singapore-Aus-Nz(US?) (not in that order but you get the idea)

We want to do this for around £6000. I may have more by the time i go, but i'm making an initial budget of 6k. If i try and break the cost down to a general chunk could someone tell me if this is possible.

£2000 for all major travel between countries along the way. £2300 for 4 months in Asia, £1700 for 2 months in Oz/Nz. Is that feasable?

I have spent 6 weeks in Oz before and spent £1500, but that included internal flights which i'm budgetting into my Main Travel budget this time, so i know i could do 2 months for £1700, or atleast i think i could.

I'm finding it tricky to find the flights/rtw tickets to fit my plan. If i booked with someone like STA, would it be best with the money i have and would it actually be doable. All these routes and cost are for the Travel only remember, Living costs are seperate.

Manchester - Delhi - Tokyo - make way down through asia/oz to Aukland, then fly to LA, NY and home.

Manchester - Delhi - Tokyo - (make way down through Asia to Oz/Nz .Then go back to sydney/melbourne) fly home;

Manchester - Tokyo - (make way down through Asia to oz/nz) fly home direct or via 2 weeks in US. (missing India?)

If i go home via US i would take upto 2 weeks off Oz/Nz to compensate costs

I'd have to confirm all the dates etc with STA, but it saying £779 without tax, so £1000? i can do the following

Manchester - Delhi via Dubai - (make my own way to Auckalnd) - LA - NY - Manc via Warsaw.
Would i be able to go Delhi/Katmahnduh/lahsa/Beijing/Tokyo/Shaghai/HongKong.....down through S.E asia, to Darwin/Cairns/Sydney/Melbourne/NZ for £1000 travel costs? Any type of transport Planes/Trains/Automobiles. Or would it just be alot cheaper/easier to skip the India to Japan journey and fly straight there?

If someone can suggest a good path for me to take on the whole joureny it would be helpful. The Man/Delhi, NZ/US/Home all seems reasonably easy to sort and plan costs for, but when i get to Asia im not sure how much it will cost.

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A Oneworld RTW ticket would probably allow you to do close to your proposed itinerary, but you'd probably require a continent based fare. Intead of flying out of Manchester you'd probably have to fly out of London, because I know that you can do a London-Delhi flight but then that is where it will get a little more tricky. I think you could get a flight from Delhi-Bangkok then make your own way to China but come back to Hong Kong then get a flight to Tokyo and from Tokyo you could get a Qantas flight to Sydney. Then from there you could get a flight from Sydney-Christchurch-Auckland-Los Angeles- New York-London.

Doing something like that would allow you the India, China, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam Singapore option (if Singapore is really a must see that'd be a bit of a detour to backtrack back up north), then it'd get you to Australia from Tokyo, NZ, Los Angeles and back to UK.

Have a great trip.

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Thanks for the info Harrold. If i had to go from London obviously i would although it would be an inconvenience. The journey i have been trying to work out so far is as follows.

Starting from Delhi;

  • Kathmandu £6 (trains and bus)
  • Lahsa £40 (bus)
  • Beijing £60 (train)
  • Shanghai £30 (train)
  • Tokyo/Shanghai £160 (ferry return)
  • Hong Kong £35 (train)
  • Hanoi £50 (trains & short taxi)
  • Ho Chi £20 (train)
  • Phnom Penh £7 (train)
  • Bangkok £1 (train)
  • Singapore £30 (train)
  • Darwin £65 (fly)

£504 from Delhi - Darwin.

I have generally used the lowest fares possible, cheapers sleepers where available. I would say there is about a 5-10% leeway in cost.

To play it safe though lets say i give myself £600-700 thats about a 20-40% leeway margin. Surely this is doable?

If anyone has any experience on this can you let me know if this is possible, or where i might need to rethink.?

That leaves me with £300-£400 to make my way from Darwin to Auckland via Cairns/Sydney/Melbourne hopefully. Again is that reasonable?

4. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I can't comment for all of your journey for the ground transport, but in the Vietnam section instead of getting the train, perhaps you may like to look at the Opentour bus ticket. That costs far less than the train, the buses were of reasonable standard (nothing specky but not a crappy bus either), and it allowed you to stop over and see many great places along the way from Hanoi-Saigon. The whole journey only cost $20US for the bus ticket which has many tickets in the one which allow you to stop over for 1 day or more at about 8 different places along the way meaning you can actually experience some of Vietnam where as sitting on the train from Hanoi-Saigon would most likely be hel boring and not stop at places long enough for you to even see them.

The Tokyo bit would probably be about right, but do be aware that when you get to Japan those figures will blow way out and if you actually want to see Japan, you should get a JR Pass prior to arriving in Japan at a JR office somewhere internationally. If you wait until you get there that special pass isn't available and you'll be paying even more for the train tickets which are already very pricey on the JR pass.

Travel around Australia can be done at a reasonable price if you fly with Jetstar or Virgin Blue where possible, but if you need buses or trains for long distances they are very expensive and can be extremely long and tiring. Jetstar would also probably be your best bet for getting to New Zealand at a reasonable price. I haven't looked at prices lately, but I think that £300-£400 would probably be pushing it. I'm unsure if Virgin Blue or Jetstar fly a Darwin-Cairns route and if they don't you'd be looking at a fair chunk of cash there. Cairns-Sydney also wouldn't be cheap infact it may work out cheaper if you bought sector fares ie Cairns-Brisbane and Brisbane-Sydney for that. A flight from Sydney-Melbourne is cheap and then the flight to Auckland would probably set you back a few hundred Australian dollars, but I haven't checked any of those prices except the Sydney-Melbourne anytime recently. If you leave it to the last minute to book, the tickets will all be very expensive, so if you are going to do it by plane in those sections, you'll want to prebook at least a couple of months in advance to secure reasonably cheap fares, but if you aren't planning to travel until between May and December next year all those prices you mention and that are listed on Jetstar or Virgin Blue may well rise.

5. Posted by Napoleon_U (Budding Member 34 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks again Harrold. I think you might be right about Australia being tough on that budget. Last time i went the flights were far cheaper, but they have gone up alot since then, even with a much better exchange rate. I might have to either change my route or maybe try and rent/share a ride with someone.

Your also correct about the prices varying in Asia by the time i go, but i have allowed a large leeway in my opinion, and as i'm in the early planning stage i can always change my route if need be. I'll definitely look into the Bus route when in Viet nam. It only saves about £10, but i will get to see so much more of the country like you say, and that is the whole point of traveling, so thanks for that, i'll include that.

I just did a new search on STA.
London - Delhi - (own way) - Singapore - Melbourne - Sydney - Auckland - L.A - N.Y - London £813pre fuel and tax. How much would it be after the taxes and charges?