I want to go to london and work!!

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Hello, My name is Manuel,

I want to go to London for summer and I would like to know if there is any way i can work there though my status as tourist probably won't help that much.

I've heard that London is a city with a lot of work during summer time even if you are a tourist and want to earn a bit of money to travel around Europe, could someone tell me if this is for real???

The thing is that I am not expecting to have a great job just something that will allow me to live in London for a while and then travel.

I am doing this because I want to live the experience, I've always admire the adventurous people I've met and decided to become one of them, so I quit my job in Mexico(it was a good paying job) and have the adventure of my life!!!

Any comments are greatly appreciated guys!!!

Thanks in advance


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have a look at this thread, might help!

UK working holiday makers


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I'm unsure if Mexico has any agreement with the UK, but if they do you could look at getting a working holiday visa and then you should be able to pickup some work. If you didn't have the working holiday visa, it'd probably be possible to pickup some work, but certainly a lot harder than if you could legally work.

Have a great adventure

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Thank you very much for your replies, your advices have been very useful for me, it is a pity that I found this site just few days before travelling, it seems that it would be the adventure of my life as i ran out of time to make any tramits, but thanks a lot for your support.


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Hi Manuel

You might it tough to get work without a permit or visa allowing you to work - there's plenty of cheap labour here at the moment due to EU enlargement, and immigration are tightening up on employers who break the rules.

One way round it might be to apply for a course, and get a student visa - then you can legally work up to 20 hours per week.

If your job was well-paid and you have good educational quals you could always try to apply for the skilled migrants programme.

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Just for the record, Mexico is not in the list of countries participating the working holidaymaker scheme.

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Hey Manuel, Im from london and there are lots of foreigners working here. Im not sure how they come by their jobs but know for certain that as long as you investigate you should be able to work for about a year - i know people who have done this. Although bear in mind there is a lot (and i mean a lot) of foreigners coming to london in the last few years and i would get clear in your mind what kind of work and accomadation you are looking for. The main reason for this is that they will take forever to sort out visas or whatever it is you need - the fact of the matter is that the government are really bad when it comes to having foreigners in the country so my biggest advise is investigate and prepare before you come. Its prob best just to go onto google.co.uk and search for jobs for foreigners. Also remember that although you get paid higher wages in London then most countries, you do need to remember that the taxes are very high too.

Anyway goodluck and im sure you'll love it here