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1. Posted by fcmartinez (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I am traveling to Europe for the first time this year in September-October for 30 days. I'm having a difficult time trying to deterimine how many days to spend in each city. There are so many places I want to see, but I also want to be able to enjoy and don't want to cram too much in. The cities in parenthesis are considerations for day trips. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Here is my wish list:
Rome (is Naples or Pompei worth seeing?)
Florence (Pisa)
Venice (is Verona or Milan worth seeing?)
Paris (Versailles)
Nice (Monaco, Monte Carlo, Cannes - which one?)
Madrid (Toledo)
Marbella, Malaga (I'm staying here for 5-6 days through a timeshare, bordering cities are: Seville, Granada, Gibraltar)

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Hello Fcmartinez :)

I think Naples and Pompei are worth seeing.
I was in both, around 15 years ago. I am going to Naples tomorrow again. Although, I am being told that these days Naples is crime ridden and dangerous, so maybe u want to take that into consideration, when deciding whether to go there.

I dont think Milan is not worth visiting. Too industrial and ugly. I have not been there, because what other people say about it put me off.

However, I think your list is rather long. Make sure us stay at least 3 nights in each place, otherwise, I think u will be rushing too much.


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Ive travelled around Europe a few times and have visited most of the places you are thinking of going.

First i would say that Naples is NOT worth visiting. I was there the year before last and couldnt wait to leave. It was very dirty, felt very dangerous and there really wasnt all that much to see. Much better to devote your time to Rome i would say as there is loads to see and do there. Pompei was ok, but nothing special, if you have the time then i wouldnt say not go, but make sure you have sufficient time in Rome.

Personally, i really liked Pisa. Was totally touristy and tacky, but for a day trip its a lot of fun. The leaning tower was awesome close up (the photos dont really do it justice) and as its not far from Florence, i would definately make the effort to hop on the train across to Pisa.

Neither Verona or Milan is really worth the effort. Verona is fairly picturesque, and if your heading out that way then its as good as place to stop as any, but i wouldnt make any special trip for it. Milan is great if you like expensive clothes shops, but otherwise there really isnt a whole lot to do here.

From Nice, it really depends what you want to do. Both Cannes and Monaco are nice (monte carlo is in Monaco). I saw Monaco in a day, nice enough, the casino is good and there are always lots of expensive cars to look at. There isnt a whole lot to do mind. The same can be said of Cannes. It is very pretty and the beach is nice, but there are lots of designer shops and the place where they hold the film festival is really unspectacular when its not all done up.

Im one of those travellers who likes to get a feel for as many cities as possible, and then if i like somewhere i go back. I would definately stay 3 nights in Rome as there is so much to do. I wasnt a big fan of florence as it ws very arty and im not really into art, so i was only there for 2 nights. Plenty to see in Amsterdam, but 2 nights should suffice. Have you decided on a route yet, because a lot of time will be taken up with travelling. Before you can decide how many places you can fit in, you need to figure out a feasible route and then see how long it takes to get between your places of iterest. Check ou this website for train journey lengths

You can then see how much tme you'll have in each place.

If there is anything else i can do to help, just let me know.


4. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

London - 4 days -
Amsterdam - 2/3 days -
Rome 4-5 days (I would do a daytrip to Pompeii)*
Florence 3-4 days (Pisa)
Venice 2-3 days **
Paris 4-5 (daytrip to Versailles)
Nice 2-3 days (Monaco, Monte Carlo, Cannes - which one?)***
Barcelona 3 days
Madrid 3 days (daytrip Toledo ****)

  • You could choose to stay at the Amalfi coast, and to Pompeii (and Naples) as trips from there. Maybe also consider Capri.
  • * Unless you have special reasons to go to Milan (Duomo/the last supper), than I would skip it.
  • ** I am not a fan of France, so can't give you a good advise on it, but please not that there are no really good connections between Nice and Barcelona. First choice is a long trainride, and the second options is to train to Marseille, and take a flight by either Iberia (available as of june 21) or Clickair. Personaly I would check if you can go Amsterdam - Nice/Marseille, and reverse the Italian trip, to end up in Rome, and then take a cheap flight at Vueling Airlines to Barcelona.

However there is also the option to fly Marseille - Madrid, and end up in Barcelona. (Between Madrid and Barcelona, there are also a number of cheap flights available). Check so check out which airlines are flying which routes. If you plan on going by train check

  • *** Toledo is a must in my opinion, you could also consider Segovia, if you have some extra time (4 days instead of 3)