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I want to take my Sony Ericsson K8OOi to Australia with me and just buy a sim card when im there. Can anyone tell me if this will work? Does that phone have the capabilities? Do they have vodafone in Oz and if not will a different sim card work in my vodafone phone?
Im on contract at the mo but will pay it off before i go.
Any help much appreciated!


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Hi Charlotte,
best thing to do would be to check out vodafones website. There is a section on there about taking your fone abroad, vodafone passport, roaming etc. You can choose autralia from a drop-down menu and it gives you the rates ud be charged if u were to take ur contract sim. But as you are taking ur fone and using an australian sim, ud need to know what band (dual-band etc) your phone is and if it matches oz (you can find that out there too). Im thinking of doing the same, but getting my fone unblocked before i go, just in case, as im currently contract and will need a pay as you go! Hope that makes sense, anyone please correct tho if im wrong!x

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In Australia will a 'triband' phone work or do u need 'quadband'? Its all abit confusing!

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Quoting chelseakyp

In Australia will a 'triband' phone work or do u need 'quadband'? Its all abit confusing!

IIRC triband is fine.... i hope it is anyway cos i'm takin my 6680...

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Just like in UK/Europe, Australia is also using GSM 900 and 1800MHz (aka PCN). So a dual-band phone is good enough for that. Your mobile phone should work just fine. Make sure it's not SIM-locked though. :)

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As long as your phone isn't network locked (ie will allow you to put any phone networks SIM in to it and not just Vodafone), then your phone will work fine. It'd definitely be worth purchasing the new SIM while you are in Australia, because if International Roaming charges are as over priced in the UK as they are in Australia you will have a fortune to pay when you get your bill back home. My friend took her phone to England from Australia and used internaational roaming and after only a two week holiday and only receiving calls and sending a few SMS she had a bill of a few hundred dollars.

You asked if another SIM's card will work in your phone, well nobody except for you will be able to tell that. Find a family member or friend back home who doesn't use vodafone and put their SIM in it. If it accepts the SIM without putting error message on the screen then when you come to Australia it'd work with any network. I think it you are on a plan now, well it would be network locked, but if you pay it off before you go, you could pay a fee and get the phone unlocked. Depending on the model of the phone you could even do a google search and type the model name and number of your phone followed by unlock codes. So if it was a Nokia 7250 you'd write "Nokia 7250 unlock codes". You may be lucky and find the codes and everything to unlock it for nothing even when it is on contract, but if you can't or the phone needs to be flashed, you will just need to settle to pay vodaphone the fee to unlock it.

Have a great trip.

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thanks!! you answered questions i had aswell. Hopefully coming to oz in sept from canada on a 1whv. This phone things been bothering me, lol