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I normally wouldn't bother with such a rant, but was so infuriated the other day by this incident, combined with other shady incedents in this country, I decided to make this post. Main purpose being to tell anyone not to use this Internet place on Koe Tao, Safe Way Travel, yes I'm going out of my way for this because they pissed me off so much the other day. I'd been in Thailand about a week already and I don't think very highly of Thai people. I have met a few nice ones here and there, but for the most part they see you as a walking $ and they're sneaky f**kers who will do whatever, say whatever, try to make you feel like you did something wrong... whatever... to try to get money out of you. This Internet place pushed me over the edge, I was ready to throw a chair at the guy but I have self restraint.

I happened to be taking a dive course at Crystal Dive Resort on Koh Tao, I just finished the Padi there, mixed feelings about this place, overall it was fine but I found it slightly disorganized, tha's another discussion altogether, but after the second day we had ended the course kind of late. I went to "Safe Way Travel" to use the internet, we had ended around 7:15, I had grabbed a beer from the bar with some other people in the course, but I had started walking with it, so the first place you'll see with internet is "Safe Way Travel", I said, oh I'll go there. I followed the normal procedure for this, "Hi, I want to use internet...", "ok ok...", yeah, so I recalled seeing the time something around 7:29 not too long after I sat down. I sent one email, sorted out some stuff with my bank account, did some other random internet stuff. I get up to pay and it's 7:51, I'm expecting to pay 50b or so for this as it's generally 2b/minute. The guy comes up with 106 on his calculator. I'm still very calm at this point explaining to him that he's made an error. No, I can't possibly be wrong, starts telling me I've been there since 6:45, I said that's impossible since I was in a dive course. The woman goes, "maybe you drink too much beer", seeing the one beer I had in my hand. This really pissed me off as I was very calm at this point, although this did get my voice up a bit, I tried not to yell, but this pointless argument went on for 5 minutes, them refusing to even admit the remote possibilty that they may be wrong, finally settled on 80b. I know reading this you're thinking I'm crazy for getting so pissed over a matter of 50b, but it's not the money, I'm just tired of these Thai people thinking that because I'm a tourist they can walk all over me, charge whatever they want, make stupid statements like saying I'm drunk and I'm definitely wrong.

Now I may not have been this pissed, but a few days earlier in Ko Phangan I decided to buy some speakers for my iPod. In Haad Rin there's a shop with a big Kodak sign, I'd say don't shop there, you probably will if you see something, but they're also a bunch of scam artists. This one I just laugh at as I can't believe I actually let them get away with this. I was looking at the speakers and decided which ones I wanted, so the woman's daughter (probably), maybe 12 years old or so takes it out, I said can you play some music on it, I wanted to hear something, make sure it works. Yeah ok, so she's opening the battery piece and I could see she was struggling with it, finally she gets it open, pops in some batteries and then plugs it into a PC to test it out, it sounded fine, but something was funny about the way she holding the speakers, what I didn't realize was that she was holding the battery piece down as she had broken it. I didn't notice this, which is my own fault, but this is a bit ridiculous. So I said ok, sounds good I'll buy it, she throws it in a bag, eager to take my money, when I got back to where I was staying I wanted to listen to some music and I had a really hard time getting the batteries to stay in. So I went back to the store, calm of course, the older woman there basically said, no she sold it to you in good working condition, you broke it too bad, I could see the little girl, with an evil look in her eyes, she knew what she, no remorse whatsoever, what can I do in this situation, arguing with these people is a waste of time, the speakers were quite cheap anyway, I got them to at least fix it with tape, but once the batteries die, I'll probably just toss them.

These two really stand out and to me makes Thai people look very bad, I don't trust anyone in this country, the Internet place I'm in, I actually took a picture of the clock and made a video on the camera of the woman working here say the time, am I paranoid, probably, crazy, a bit, but I'm tired of being f*cked around by people in this country.

Don't take my tone wrong, I am enjoying myself here, I just don't care for the Thai people, events like this really make me lose a lot of respect for them.

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I think you have a valid point on the first statment you have made about the internet place, as alot of them do "try it on"...but not all.
With regard to your second statment... I beleive that most things in the world are "sold as seen" I appreciate again your frustration but... you should check everything you buy... in any country.
The last I will add is:
Don't taint everyone in Thailand with the same brush as you have with the two problems you have had. I spent a month in Thailand last October and only had one issue with money in a month. I hope you have better luck and meet some nice Thai people to change your outluck.
Stay safe

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It is really a shame you have had a couple bad experiences in Thailand- You will probably find similar experiences in many places in Asia, but don't let it affect you too much. First off the monetary cost is not huge- yes I know that is not the main point, but try to put it all in perspective- I suspect you will find that as you become a more "experienced" traveler you will be on the alert for many of these things and they will not happen again. It is not paranoia, it's being aware of potential minor annoyances and being proactive to avoid them.... If you are careful and know what to expect and what to avoid you will have an awesome time in SE Asia.

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thanks for the replies, I'm in a bit more relaxed state of mind since I wrote the original post. Yeah, monetarily I don't really care as these are not large amounts. I have actually met a lot of nice Thai people, and of some not so nice... anyway, I am certainly on much higher alert and hope I don't run into any more problems.

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Hey rozner don't go tarring all Thais with the same brush. Sure it sounds like you've been ripped off a couple of times but it's a game to the Thais in tourist resorts.

I live in Thailand, out in the country away from all the tourists and have yet to be ripped off by any of the locals.

Chill out, smile and play the same game as they do.

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I was in thailand for 2 months and only had one problem that pissed me off. I was on phi phi wanting to go to "the beach". Ok, so we found a guy who said 800b, which is what they all wanted, so we agreed and got ready to go. Matey went and found 4 other people and charged them 800b as well, but obviously 800 divided by 4 is 200, which was the other group, 800 by 2 is 400, which was me and my mate, so I argued that we was paying 400 each and they were only paying 200 and I said I was only paying 200 as well, which he agreed to just to shut me up. If only I had realsied it should only have been 800b no matter how many people, doh! Obviously the bloke was out for what he could get. They do have to be watched, if they think they can they will. But generally speaking, i found the Thai's a very kind and helpful race of people. Enjoyed it so much I'm going back in January!