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I am going to Bs As in july and I wanted to know if someone have heard about a good agency who rents apartments for short term? ...What are the good prices for a stay of 15 days?
moreover I don't know this city that's why it would be cool if someone tells me what are the beautiful districts in particular, the best clean beach...and how looks life in buenos aires, the things which are the most expensive, cheap....
Thank you very much for your help!!!!;)

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grab a map; BsAs isn't on the coach...

Most tourists like Palermo, which caused it to turn rapidly into a rather unargentinian barrio. Personally, I prefer congreso, boedo and barrio norte, which aren't particularly beautiful, but much more authentic.

As to housing, the city's filled with estate agents, with all of which you'll pay WAY too much anyway, so none is really better than another. Given the time you'll be going, I'd recommend staying in a hostel.

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Hi misscyn, let me then welcome you to BA! As to best parts to see you have everything from arts to tango…… but go to San Telmo for art and antiques, Plaza de Mayo and the historical rae around it, try Recolecta Cemetery, Barrio Norte along Sante Fe avenue good old fashion shopping and Palermo for good food, wines nightlife and boutique shops as a starter.

As to beaches, sorry no swimming as BA is along a river side city, with only walking along its banks…. Its winter and hardly anyone swims, more to health problems than anything else. Though in the Northern Greater Buenos Aires water sports are practised even in winter

As to apartments to Rent, plenty, I have a friend who has one…. Good for 2 but can sleep four.

As to Night Life, plenty from dinning out, bars and nightclubs to tango shows and cultural activities, name me your likes and I will give you some more tips, cheers from BA, Bob Frassinetti