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Myself and three of my friends, all of which experianced scuba instructor's will be travelling through South Africa probably from cape town north through mozambique starting this october through may possibly. We were thinking about buying a used 4 x 4 or two for our travels. I was wondering what anyone thought about travelling this way through these countries versus public transportation. Are roof tents safe in these countries if you stay out of the cities? Do you get a huge discount or pay more to get into the game parks with your own vehicle vs. paying a guide company? Is it easy to find backpackers etc. to share the expenses to give them rides? Where would diving be most recommended, as well as what game parks or parts of them are the best? Would it be possible to teach freelance instruction in either country, as we can teach new divers anywhere we have swimming pool like conditions as well as experianced divers more advanced diving as long as we can do a shore dive into open water or hire a boat? Any suggestions about any of these ideas or interest in joining our crusades let me know. I am just starting to do research now, so any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thank You, Topher

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hi there,

i would definitely recomend you either hire or buy a car while you are out here because public transport in not really an option in south africa and even more so in mozambique. south africa is not very safe so i wouldnt recomend just pulling up anywehre and sleeping, but if you stay in camp sites it should be fine. i would definetely recomend you go to kruger game park in south africa, it is probably one of the biggest and best. i am not sure on prices however. i dont know how feesible it would be to offer scuba diving courses as i am not sure how easy it is just to use a public pool for training. scuba diving is best in mozambique and along the east coast of south africa and in cape town it is extremely cold.

sorry i couldnt be of more help
hope you have an amazing holiday!

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Hello Topher
The rental price of 4X4's is fairly steep in S.A. but if you are going to be there for more than a couple of months, there are several companies that will sell you one with a guarenteed buy back program and you can come out paying less this way. Fuel prices in S.A. are much cheaper than in a lot of places( about $2 a gallon at the moment). There are some good dives around Capetown and the water is cold but wet suits for the conditions are easy to find. As you move eastward there are good dives in the Durban area and several companies that do in and out of cage shark dives. If you get the vehicle you want you can rent or buy camping gear and there are campsites all along the coast and inland that you can use for a very low cost. Most provide electricity and communal facilities. You should buy a Wild Card which will get you into any of the national parks for free and also provide discounts for other products, go to the S.A. national parks website for details. It will save you lots of money if you spend more than 5 or 6 days going into parks along the way and you should, they are fantastic. All the parks have campsites you could stay at which would be an advantage also. Car travel into Swaziland or Lesotho is easily done but I think there is a fairly steep charge to go into Mozambique, I know this is true for rentals but am not sure if you own the auto what the cost is. There are lots of good diving spots as you get to St. Lucia and on into Mozambique but as for earning money as a dive instructor, I don't know the regulations for that in S.A.. Its a great trip, especialy if you dive or just love the outdoors. Don't miss Kruger and the other fine parks in both S.A. and in Swaziland but don't bother with a tour company if you have your own car it is much, much cheaper to do it on your own and take advantage of the camping opportunities at around $15-20 a night as opposed to close to $100 or more for staying in lodges. Of course the cost will go down if you have more in your group at the campsites but most of the lodges charge pp/pn. Have a great trip and do a lot of research on the web before you book.

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I just heard from a friend in S.A. who informed me that gasoline prices have gone up quite a bit in the last 6-8 months and that they now stand at about $3.68 a gallon if I have done the math correctly. This does add some expense to your road trip from Cape Town as the distance you would have to travel to go all the way up the coast would be about 1,700 kilometers if you did it in a straight drive along the coast. If you go on to Mozambique, Maputo it goes up to 1,900.