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Around the world plane ticket.

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1. Posted by patrickser (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Can someone please explain to me how these work? How many stops do you get? Do you have to go 'around the world'? I have researched the net and found prices as low as $1,500. Wifey wants to go to Ireland and Europe with a couple of stops in between. Is this the most economical method.

Many thanks

2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Yes as the name of the ticket suggests you do have to cover 360 degrees of the globe. How many stops you get, where you can visit, how many stops in a country etc vary greatly depending on which RTW ticket you choose and what alliance you choose. For example on a Oneworld continent based ticket (the best one for amount of places you can go and amount of miles you can do), you can do as many as 20 flights depending on how many continents you choose. Like if you chose a 5 continent ticket and were departing from America, you could say depart from Los Angeles (assuming you lived there of course) and then fly to Sydney. Then from there you could have 4 flights within the Australasia Pacific region, so you may want to go Sydney, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth and then leave this region to go to Asia. So you may fly Perth-Bangkok do a load of overland travel through many countries and then reach Hong Kong going overland and then depart Hong Kong-Mumbai-Dubai(classed as a Europe stop even though it is in the Middle East)-London (get an Easyjet flight to Belfast and then go overland through Ireland until you get to Shannon where you can get a cheap Ryanair flight to London). Those two flights would be seperate to your Round the world ticket but can be dirt cheap if you purchase early when a special is on. Then when you got back to London you could do something like London-Kiev/Ukraine overland through Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Finland recommencing your ticket again from Helsinki. Then fly Helsinki-Madrid see Spain and Portugal but departing from Madrid-Rio De Janeiro-Easter Island(stops to change planes in Santiago) then you have to fly back to Santiago-Mexico City-Los Angeles(assuming Los Angeles was where you originally left from although I think you could land in New York or any other city in the US which had a direct flight from Mexico city.

Something like that would be one hell of an adventure and would cost a small fortune (I did some almost identical trip last year and man I wish I could turn back time to the start and then put my life on slow motion). A trip like that adds a lot to the frequent flyer miles with all the big backtracking sections.

As for if it is the most economical way it also depends on your destinations, but normally if you plan on travelling all 360 degrees of the world it would be the most economical way and certainly a lot easier to arrange. The added bonus with this sort of thing is that it doesn't cost extra to change dates on your booked flights, although changing dates can sometimes be a bit hard due to the limited number of seats allocated for RTW economy class.

The flights I did on my RTW ticket would have cost close to $7000AUD (approx $5750US at current rate) if I had of bought them individually, but the RTW ticket cost me about $4300AUD (approx $3550US at current rate but it was more like $3000US at the time). I did do about the most adventurous RTW trip imaginable with 20 stops and some once in a lifetime places like Easter Island, so if I had of done a more standard trip then that ticket price would have been closer to the price you have seen. If you are wanting to do much travel in Europe, it'd definitely pay to check if ryanair flies any of the routes you want, because the Shannon-London flight I got cost not much more than 10Euro including all taxes because it was 0.01Euro+tax. If you got some of those flights, instead of using the allowed stops in Europe on the RTW ticket it would allow you to fit in some other flights that are considered Europe on RTW ticket itineraries like St Petersburg, Cairo and Dubai which you couldn't get to by cheap flights.

If you or your wife are keen on history do yourselves a big favor and visit Itay (Rome, Florence and Venice) as well as going to Russia to see Moscow and St Petersburg. Those places are just amazing especially Rome and St Petersburg.

Have a great trip whatever you decide on.

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3. Posted by briancade (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I think you will find that each one comes with different terms and conditions, covering things like number of stops, can you back track on yourself, maximum number of miles traveled, time frame of traveling, timing of flights etc. You may refer the airline information directory at

4. Posted by patrickser (Budding Member 7 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi all,

I certainly agree with you all, all suggestions are really very nice and helpful,
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