Help!!! with planning interrailing trip!!!!

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1. Posted by emma_wales (Budding Member 7 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Okay so me and my boyfriend have booked flights cause they were cheap, leaving on the 12th of July to Bordeaux... and flying home from Amsterdam on the 15th of August.
So we have a global ticket so we can go anywere for a month, just need to catch the flight home and hopefully spend 3 days in Amsterdam for a good time :).

Were still in the plannning process, i wonder if any1 could help with any routes they recommend and places we really shouldnt miss out, were hoping to camp and stay in hostels, with a budget of £1500 each.

I would be soo greatfull if someone could help, as we cant make up our minds.

2. Posted by Herr Bert (Moderator 1388 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I would suggest to read some of the other initeraries posted here, and see which cities you would like to visit. Check (go to the International guests section, for the english version of the site) to check the timetables for trainrides. Also taking flights can be a saver, check to find out the routes flown by budgetairlines.

In a month you can cover a lot of cities, but the one thing I would always advice is to take your time to see the cities. 3 days for Amsterdam is good, as it is a good time to see the city. Avoid racing from one city to an other, just assume you will have more trips in the future, and choose to visit towns that you leave out now.

You write you want to camp, if you choose to stay in cities, then now, that most campingsites, are outside of the city, so you would need extra time to transfer to/from the city. Maybe it is more worth it to stay in Hostels in/near the center, and leave your camping equipment at home, as you will be hauling it around, for all the days you don't need it. (if you do, check the weightlimits for the airline)

Happy Planning.

3. Posted by emma_wales (Budding Member 7 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

thank you, thats good advise about the camping, a very good idea i think we'll leave it at home. I have been looking online and maybe flying from Barcelona to Milan, as it would save us so much time. and can spend more times in places.

I want to visit eastern europe like Budapest, Krakow, Prage, Bratislava before hitting germany, but my boyfriend is worries about thes places. Is there anything we should look out for more in these places than france spain and germany? x

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Travel in Eastern Europe really isnt all that different from travel in Western Europe these days, especially if you hit the 'tourist' cities of Prague, Budapest and even some of the smaller places like Krakow. All of the big cities will have english speakers, and as long as you take a phrase book you'll have no problems. Travel is much cheaper in eastern europe, as is accommodation. What you really need to do is make a list all of the cities you want to go and then see if it works with routes etc. I wouldnt bother with Milan for example as there really isnt a lot to see. Id go for Venice instead, followed by Ljubjlana possibly, a small, but really beautiful city, before heading further east to see bratislava, budapest, krakow, prague and onto germany. If you can fly all the better, if not, then the train network is fairly extensive and not too expensive.
Once you've got some more ideas of where u wanna go, feel free to drop me a line and i can give you perhaps some more detailed advice.


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An interesting perspective and comparison between Milan and Venice. From a sightseeing perspective there is slightly more to see in Venice than Milan. However, overall there is perhaps more to do in Milan than Venice. Milan is a very large city and can easily take 3 days to explore in full. However, If you are not at all interested in shopping then perhaps Venice might be a better option over Milan. We have visited and enjoyed both, equally. Venice becomes quite crowded with tourists in the summer and is more costly than Milan, but is of course a very unique and romantic place to visit.

Personally, I would not miss out Rome. It is breathtaking. However, it is also more expensive than many other cities. Even on par with London in some respects, and so might be awkward on a budget, particularly during July and August

It all depends very much on what you both enjoy doing whilst traveling.


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I'd definitely recommend doing the eastern europe part of the trip, krakow and prague are great places, bratislava is cool but a little small and expensive but if you're in vienna you can go there for a day trip. i didnt have the best time in budapest, but a lot of other people love the place, make sure you visit a turkish bath if you do go! didn't have any problems in any eastern european country, there was only budapest where there were a few people that didnt speak english and were rude. safety wise i wouldn't worry, prague is no more dangerous than london or paris, probably less so. cost wise is the best, if you look carefully enough you can get dorm accomodation for 6 or 7 £ a night. if you go krakow stay at nathans villa, its great :)

7. Posted by emma_wales (Budding Member 7 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

thank you for the info so far. Well we have changed our flight and were flying to Madrid on the 11th of July, then going to Zaragosa, then Barcelona, flying from Barcelona to Pisa cause we both have allways wanted to see the leaning tower of pisa and travel up to Florence then Venice, then up through Eastern europe. Im hamburg worth stopping too in Germany after Berlin? x