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1. Posted by s_erez (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I am in the process of planning my trip to Australia and I am wondering should I buy or rent an RV\Motorhome\Van?
My trip is planned for some time from July-August-September for 9~10 weeks for only my wife and I.
From what I could gather a vehicle for a couple. With:
 a shower and toilet
 Gas Stove
 Fridge
 Microwave
 Air-Conditioning/Heating (Rear cabin - mains power only)
 Pressurised Hot & Cold Water
 Internal Access
For ~9 weeks should cost $8000~$9000.
Where as buying a motorhome should cost $100000~$130000, and obviously when you sell it back you get some/most of your investment back.
I have a number of questions:
1. Are those numbers about right?
2. When buying a vehicle how much of my investment (%) can I expect to get back when selling it at the end of my trip?
3. Assuming they are it looks like renting a van would make much more sense then buying one or am I missing something?

2. Posted by Buckra (Budding Member 61 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I think I would certainly hire a Britz motorhome which is about the price you mention. Of course you would be up for the fuel as well and then there are overnight charges at some caravan parks but in a motorhome you don't necessarily have to go to one of those unless it were absolutely necessary. Buying one and then selling it raises a fewproblems. First a buyer would want to know where you have been in it because some Australian roads are better than others. They might also want someone to go over the van to see if there are any problems. I think there is just the stress of not knowing whether you will redeem anywhere near what you outlaid for it whereas renting/leasing has none of those concerns. Plus unless you have a good four wheel drive, trying to lug around a caravan is not worthwhile. Campervans are just the thing if you are only here for a certain period of time. In the time you mention you could probably do the Northern Territory and North Queensland and the top of Western Australia in 4-5 weeks which is allowing you to be in lovely warm weather without much rain, little humidity. Then you could head South into South Australia, Victoria and NSW and perhaps hope across to Tasmania with the van on the ferry. There are so many Australians now seeing their country this way it has become the in thing to do. Have fun. Wish we were going too. :)

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Hi Erez,
I've done the sums before and come to the conclusion that anything less than three months and renting is better than buying, no question.