How cheap can i travel Thailand?

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Ive been saving up my holiday at work as i want to go travel Thailand again. Ive been before but had time and money to spend as i pleased.

Basically i can prob get around 2 weeks, give or take a few days, off work. I know the flight would be about 14hrs, but i want to know whether it is worth it considering how much it would cost and how far the trip is - especially as id want to see the southern islands (ive already travelled around northern Thailand)
Now im asking for some advice on how much i could travel to and around Thailand for.

Id be travelling from a London (UK) airport and could go anytime after the start of July. Anyone know what the cheapest airline is and when the cheapest time to go is?

As well as this, does anyone know how much it would cost to get down to the southern islands and island hop for about 10 days (enjoying some nights out and a handful of fun adventures).

Im currently a poor guy with a really crappy job so need the money - i just want to know if its worth going or not really - and how much i would expect to spend if i did decide to go.

All advice is welcome

Thanks everyone,


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Hello Walkaway

U can travel in Thailand, for between 10 and 15 Euros per day. 15 would certainly be more than comfortable, for me. Although, if u want to go on tours, it will cost more. They are often expensive.

Between now and the end of October is the cheap time to go, because it is the rainy season. I cant recommend an airline flying from London, because I live in Germany, so I dont book any flights from London. I am flying to Bangkok, next Tuesday, and I payed around 500 Euros, for a return ticket from Munich.

To get to the Southern islands.
Go third class on the train, to Surat Thani or else take the night bus. Both cost less than 10 euros. Then buy a ticket in Surat Thani, from one of the agents hovering for trains and busses to arrive in Surat Thani. I would skip Koh Samui. It is becomming expensive and has nothing worth paying the extra money for. Buy a ticket to one of the other islands. For example u can get a boat ticket to Koh Pha Ngan for around 5 Euros. Then u can catch a bus to whichever beach for another 5. Then stay in a beachhut, for around 5 Euros per night.


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I payed €920 returnd for flights dubin - paris - KL (stay for two days) - bangkok & return the same. Can you tell me were you booked your flights so cheap - We could have booked cheap flights to Germany and flew direct to Bangkok from there & maybe saved a couple hundred euro!

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I use the following site, to book most of my long distance flights, including the one to Thailand, where I am going next Tuesday.
They were cheap for may and june. They would have been more expensive, if we went in July or August. U can get good bargins, on this site, if u are flexible about when u go. Flights can even be cheaper if u change the flying date to 1 day earlier or later or one week later or whatever. If u want to check how much a flight costs, including tax, just keep going, as if u are going to buy the flight, then u will see the price, without committing to buying it.
I bought a return flight yesterday, on that site, from Munich to Iran for 440 Euros including taxes. ;)
U can change the site to English, by hitting the British flag.


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could you mention just once more were your going next week

Im stuck in work for the next four months

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Quoting clarife

could you mention just once more were your going next week

Im stuck in work for the next four months

I am going to Thailand.
We will spend most of our time there at Khao Sok National Park, in the South of Thailand.

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I'm so jealous!
Have you been to Khao Sok National Park before? What exactly is it?

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Here is a link for it. U can change it to English, with the English Version tab. It is a nature reserve park. There are plenty of natural waterfalls and pools to swim in, near the park too.
Somebody on this site, who has been there recommended it, to me.
U can even sleep in a tree house, beside the park there. But we wont be staying in the treehouses, because there is a less expensive place to stay. But the tree houses only cost around 12 Euros per night, for anybody who does not mind paying that much.

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Hi Nick I managed to get a direct return flight from Heathrow to Bangkok for £416 flight last October with Thai Airways I booked it with opodo. As for getting down south the coach/bus service are cheap frequent and reliable, go for the VIP seats unless your the same size as the average Thai doesn't cost much more and its worth it for long trip!! take an overnight bus as you can save the price of a hotel room.

sawasdee hotels are nice and cheap £3 for a single fan room £4 for single A/C room, but they are clean and well kitted out.

Eat at the food stalls on the streets and you can get a meal for 50 pence, before a night out have a couple of beers in your room from the 7/11 as its not that much cheaper than UK prices in most of the bars.

my Absolute number 1 tip has got to be learn some basic Thai, when your haggling you'll find that the prices drop dramatically if you can muster up a few phrases and are prepared to be cheeky and have a laugh with them! People who don't bother to learn any get ripped off like you wouldn't beleive and its just polite (and appreciated!) to make the effort.

Bear in mind that the average wage in Thailand is 8000 Baht (£120) a month so that should give you some idea of how cheaply you can do it, if you're prepared to learn a few lesson from the locals.

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Hey Nick. I'd say it's completely worth going for a few weeks and if you're prepared to share toilets and eat street food and not travel around too much, you can get by on relatively little cash. You are planning to go in rainy season so it will be cheaper but bear in mind the islands will be pretty quiet. If you're planning to do a full moon party, the accommodation will be ultra expensive there.

Flights - I got mine through Southall Travel on the outskirts of London and they had Royal Jordanian flights for as little as £370 via Amman. Remember you have to pay £10 airport tax when you leave Thailand. You can get a free visa on entry for up to 30 days. You can get a joint bus/boat ticket to the islands from Bangkok in low season for as little as £5 from the agents around Khao san, but do shop around. Once on the islands, booking travel is more expensive. I spent 1000 Baht a day on average in Thailand but you can probably get away with half of this on the days you aren't travelling around. 250B for accommodation, 200 for street food/drink and 100 misc (beer or restaurant brekkie etc).