Going down under is not that perfect after all?????

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1. Posted by anette (Budding Member 4 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Today I read something on the Internet that shocked me! I read that taking the trip to "Down Under" with a working holiday visum was not a good idea. It stood that many people were treated like dirt, got the worst thinking jobs and had a miserble time there.. Well, I thought to myself, maybe these persons didn`t do anything to acieve the good jobs?! There was one boy who had searched for a job in several months, and after a long time a little burgershop hired him. He only got 6 AUD an hour and he had to work 60 hours a week. I would really like to hear some opinions here? Are there somebody here who has been to Australia with a working holiday visum? Or are there any aussies here who can speek on the behalf of the Austrlian people and say what they think about backpackers with a working holiday visum? I will not believe what the newspaper on the Internet wrote, going on this trip is my biggest dream....

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It doesn't soudn right to me. I'm an aussie girl, and although you may get more boring work than at home, its not all bad, and we do have minimum wages. I'm not sure what they are for each industry but i had an Irish girl work with me for 3 mths over summer. She was involved in working with teenagers from marginalised backgrounds taking them snorkeling, camping, hiking etc and recieved i think $17 an hour? otherwise theres nannying for the same pay, bar work etc. a couple of backpackers from the UK who we met have been crashing on our couch for the last month on and off and both easily found work, they guy as a labourer and the girl packing boxes in a factor. A bit mind numbing but they dont care at all coz the other day the watched the sunrise and saw whales and dolphins just a little out to sea! i'm sure we've all had to do crap work before but i think those kid of benefits make it all worth while!!

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I'd have to say I don't agree with that either. As the jobs can only be three month jobs by the nature of a working holiday visa, they are not going to be the best of jobs but to be quite honest, I don't think most travellers go down to Australia for the work part of the visa :) And they shouldn't.... there's plenty of time left to work serious jobs!

The main goal is the travelling and any job that helps cover that would be great. If that's the attitude you go down to Australia with, your time will be perfect, regardless of the type of work you get.

That's how I look at it at least....