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same sex relationships ??????

Travel Forums Off Topic same sex relationships ??????

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Quoting tway

I'd venture that there are a lot more stories about young women being drugged and gang raped - or taken advantage of when they're extremely drunk (how may frat-party horror stories are there every year?). It's horrible and criminal and should be severly punished, but no one's making any blanket statements about the disgusting nature of heterosexual men.

I wasn't making a blanket statement about homosexual men. In fact I wrote, " I certainly don't think that what went on here is because they were gay". I'm not at all equating homosexuals with rape.

We are all going around in circles here a bit; although no one has yet answered my comment about the proliferation of gays using what appears to be the vast majority of public toilets in suburban parks as "gay beats". It's a real problem which is generally acknowledged by local councils, the police, the media and the wider society. But I suppose it's just another disgusting aspect that we have to tolerate.

I don't think it's appropriate for children to be brought up by homosexuals just as, for example, I don't think it's appropriate for 60 year old women to get IVF treatment and to become mothers, no matter how "good" they might be as mothers - both situations are far from ideal which have put the interests of the adults above those of the children. They are both compromised positions by definition and we are kidding ourselves as a society if we think that there will not be negative repercussions.

That's all I have to say on this topic

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