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im starting to plan a trip to south america early next year and i was wondering has anyone here been to antarctica?
if so what company did u go through? was it worth it? where did you leave from?

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Visiting Antarctica fortunately is something that only the happy few and the very patient can afford... it should stay that way; I think one shouldn't want to go there at all.

But, if you must; you can try to get a boat from Punta Arenas or Ushuaia.

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as I know Antarctica Trips start from Ushuaia.
Prices from $ 6000.00 up !!
not really for backpackers;)

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Quoting marlis

Prices from $ 6000.00 up!!

Unless prices have gone up considerably in the last few months, you can get a cruise for about $3500US+ from Ushuaia at the start of the season (in mid-late november) or at the end of the season around February. If you turned up on the day of a cruise you might be able to get it considerably cheaper if someone has made a cancellation or not turned up. I've heard prices can be slashed about 50% if you tried this method, but you have a very high chance that you will miss out, so I wouldn't count on getting a spot on a cruise if you don't book a long way in advance. I hope you have a load of spare money if you are set on going to Antarctica!

Unfortunately this is one plavce I am yet to venture to, but I have dreams of going there (just need to win lotto first)! I have heard plenty of people say how magnificent it is and bring a large memory card in your digital camera because it will be filled up easily.

If you are really interested, send me a PM and I can give you a few sites that have information on Antarctic cruises.

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thanks everyone.
im not rolling in money but its somewhere im willing to save all my pennies to go to.

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When I was in South America, I met some people who were travelling for a long period of time in south america and went to Punta Arenas and could join a chilean navy vessel to supply in Antarctica. It's not that you would see the same as tourist ships, but they paid around 1000 dollar for a 3 week trip!