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Im currently organising the dates of our (couple) RTW trip and have put down 4 weeks to fly into Fiji over to cook islands back to fiji to fly out. Is this too long to spend in fiji and cook islands? i will be on a tight budget like everyone in here it seems so worried this will cost me a fortune.

Also is it easy to get to another island in the cook islands? has anyone done island hoping in cook islands?

for fiji and cook islands is it best to book up in advance for march/april or just turn up?

soz lots of questions any help would be great. cheers.

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I'm thinking of something similar so any info would be great, ta! (Although I won't be there until July next year)

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I think fours weeks might be a bit too long for just Fiji, I spent two weeks there a couple of years ago and that was enough. It really depends what you want to do.
If you are on a budget I would recommend exploring Viti Levu with Feejee Experience which takes about a week. You will get to go to the major towns and do some activities. It's a good way to do everything cheaply and easily. If you want a budget beach holiday go out to the Yasawa Islands with Awesome Adventures. They have a boat that goes everyday and stops at lots of budget resorts.
You probably don't need to prebook anything unless you are there during NZ and Aussie school holiday when Fiji fills up with Kiwi and Aussie families.
It's a bit harder to get between islands in the Cook Islands however Air Rarotonga does fly a few domestic routes. Check out
Hope this helps!

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If you want to save money in Fiji then do not use FeeJee Experience.

Ride the busses with Fijians-all of whom speak some English, eat in markets like Fijians do-you'll have a fabulous time and meet the people not other just other whites.

Head over to Savu Savu for a while-get off the tourist track.

Have a look around also if you don't have his guidebook then buy one the new Moon Fiji is out very soon.

20 days Fiji 10 days Cooks is fine but the Cooks doesn't have as many budget options.

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thanks for that info samsalmon, sounds like good advise,

what do you think about the baja pass for the islands and the accomadation up there? what would eb the best way to do the islands? I really like the sound of busing it round the mainland and gettign off the tourist track as well maybe it would be well worth the 20 days if we can do both the island and buses ont he mainland.

If going taking buses etc round how much do you think i would be paying per day to stay in places on a budget and spending money here?

thanks for your help