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Hey guys,

Myself and a friend are going travelling around Australia for a year from July and are hopeing to spend Christmas in the Whitsundays, could anyone give me some advice on relatively cheap places to stay, hostels etc or any advice on spending Christmas here?

Thanks, Claire x

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There are loads of cheap hostels in Airlie Beach. I stayed in a couple - Airlie Beach Backpackers (OK, a bit expensive for what it was) and Magnums (cheap and noisy), I wouldn't particularly recommend either. Airlie is a party town though and I'm sure it will be a fun place to stay at Christmas. The Whitsundays are beautiful.

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i spent christmas there the year before last and i did sailing round there which was a 3 day 2 night one. We got that from Airlie beach, think it cost us about $295 which is about £130ish. I really loved it , we did snorkling during the day, best christmas ive ever had!

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I just received something in the mail today about the Whitsunday region which may give you some ideas of some of the things to see and do and approximate costs.

You can do a 2 or 3 night sailing adventure which costs approx $249AUD or a 1 night sailing adventure costs $239 so the 2-3 night one is a lot better value by the look of it.

You can also do a rainforest tour which costs $55
Four action packed activities in a day (doesn't say what activities) for $199.00
Hire a boat to yourself for $60 for a half day
Half day snorkeling tour where you can also relax on deserted beaches for $110
Para Sailing which costs $55
A crocodile safari which costs $98
A Quad Bike adventure for $69.00 and they are just a few on this list I have been sent.

I've also got a large list of accommodation, but it doesn't mention hostels the closest is a caravan park with an On Site van, but I do know that a number of hostels exist.

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Thanks for your help guys, that 3day 2 night sailing trip sounds perfect, snorkeling on Christmas day, what more could you ask for?! Can't wait!