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1. Posted by fi0ri (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm doing 1 month europe in June/July. I had a specific question about eurail global pass. I purchased one from which I understand is a travel agency. Now, If I book a train from this site from most cities there is a standard $22 charge. This charge does not seem to change depending on what country i'm in and as long as the distance is not too long or the train is not night train. For anyone that has used eurail/, do you know what the standard price is per train if you do not book from the raileurope website but book directly at the train station.

Also, how important is it to book trains beforehand around this time. Please, please realistic answers because so far everyone has just given me the same conservative response: its peak season, u must book EVERYTHING!

thanks very much.

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if you have a Eurail pass you should be able to just get on the train, show them your pass and be on your way. The only reason why you would make a reservation (Is that what you mean) is if you're on a train that REQUIRES (such as a night train or special services train) or if you want to make sure you get a seat (Long rides). For an agency to charge an additional $22 for each journey is ridiculous. Sounds like an absolute ripoff to me. If that is the case I'd take my chance and board a train without a reservation (if it is not necessary)

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It's been more than a decade since I travelled on Interrail, but as far as I remember it is exactly as Nantes FC says; you do, however, have to have the distance you are covering already written in the ticket, but in my time we could write it ourselves, unless it was a special kind of train that only took passengers with a reservation -- by no means all InterCity trains.

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Do you already have an idea what you want to see and where you want to go?

If yes, it might be cheaper and faster to combine train point-to-point with budget flights.

The Eurail pass is touted as giving you unlimited flexibility - but in reality point-to-point train tickets can give you the same for a fraction of a price.

The english version of for international ticket gives you a very good idea what the prices for point-to-point are. is the best IMO for budget flights.

Please post your initiary here and we can give you some pointers on how to do it cheap and in the best way.

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I am having a similar problem with my upcoming trip.

I am going to be traveling with 5 people, not on the youth pass, but pass saver, which is first class only. We don't care about first class, but we want to know if we need to reserve our tickets for the trains in advance.

We are going from Brussels to Paris to Madrid and then up to Barcelona and back towards Amsterdam.


Is point to point cheaper? A friend recently bought a ticket from Amsterdam to Paris and it was 100 euros, so it doesn't seem that way.

with such a big group, should we always reserve?