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can anyone recommend any websites for good budget flights around europe?

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why not go by train? Eurail's not that expensive, plus you get to see some scenery, plus Europe's small-ish so distances are not that big, plus there's the environmental issues... go by train! Yeah!


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If you are looking for budget flights - from the Uk there is an abundence of carriers BUT to get really cheap deals you need to book quite a bit in advance or watch out for their sale opportunities.

Look at:

- www.


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Very good prices especially to Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia.
You can fly with Air Berlin to most places in Europe, and even from the UK, it's sometimes cheaper to use them and change planes in Berlin.

Echo the point that you have to shop around for the best deals - but I have managed London Luton to Zagreb for one penny each way (plus the dreaded taxes of course!) with Wizzair, and Doncaster to Prague for taxes only with Thomson. Just keep checking and be flexible about the day you travel.


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If you aren't wanting to go just yet, you could subscribe to the newsletter from Ryanair and then when they have one of the super specials on for the dates you are going to be there, you can get informed quick so hopefully you can get one of those bargain seats.

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Apart from the airline websites mentioned in earlier posts, you could also try or (i'm not sure about the right URL suffix, so try both). It seems to be a good search engine for low budget flight, independent from E countries and airline companies.
Good luck.

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Pick-up country of departure and country of arrival. This engine will show you cheap airlines operating in these countries.

Subscribe to

Also: ($64.00 Stockholm Warsaw)

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from Germany:

On popular dates (for example over weekends: Friday and Sunday) most time one flight is cheap, the other one a regular price. The price depends on the demand on certain dates.

In Germany Ryan Air usually flies from/to airports which are far away from cities. Air Berlin and Condor fly from/to the "normal" airports.

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not showing prices, but it gives you the routes flown by budgetairlines:, you can click directly to the website of the airlines.

Also note that in Spain, Iberia, sometimes has good prices, with the same low prices as budgetairlines. Also if you would be planning a return flight from Germany, then it is worth checking out Lufthansa, as they have 99 euro return flights available (a lot of time carried out by EuroWings, that is a Star Alliance partner). I mention these, because they are not regarded as budgetairlines.