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First off, I have read through the sticky concerning Thai visa's and such (twice), and still needed some advice.

I have been studying Buddhism on my own for a few months now, and have become incredibly interested in staying in a Buddhist Wat. I have found a Wat meant for Westerners, Wat Pah Nanachat that seems like a good fit for me. I have sent the Guest Monk a letter asking for permission to stay there for awhile. I am awaiting his reply

Now, here is my question. I know that I could stay for up to three months by using a Tourist Visa by doing "visa runs" which would allow me to use all 90 days given to me by the Tourist Visa.

But what if I would like to stay longer? I was thinking about applying for a "Missionary Visa", but it seems I need a letter from the company I am doing Missionary work for. (I don't have a company, I am just going by my own accord.

"RESEARCH, TEACHING, MASS MEDIA or MISSIONARY (requiring the letter with letter-head from company, agency or organization sending you on your mission, and also the letter from your counterpart in Thailand)." from

All the other Non-Immigrant visa's don't seem to apply to me.

So, is there any way I could stay longer than three months by either getting a different type of Visa or some other method? If I have a letter of acceptance from the Wat I would like to go to, would that be enough proof to get a Missionary visa?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: I did a little more searching and found something interesting:

"'ED': educational - includes studying to become a Buddhist monk" from

More info on the ED Visa can be found here:

Again, could a letter of acceptance into a Wat be enough to get a ED or Missionary Visa? I know ED & Missionary Visa's are only valid for three months, but they can be renewed indefinitely, while tourist visa's have a 90 max limit.

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2. Posted by pirate34 (Budding Member 2 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I know "bumping" is frowned upon, but I really need some advice. How can I stay in Thailand for longer than three months?

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I would suggest you to discuss this with the Royal Thai Embassy nearest you.
The Los Angeles office has always been helpful.