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ok so iv decided to put the brakes on my buisiness plans for now!-ok so me and my mate are planning this trip of a life time, i was happy to go in january but as he has just come out of a long term relationship, he wants to go asap, but i explained it will take some carefull planning, as it might well be my last trip for a while i want to plan it carefully, does this make sense or should i just book it, we comprmised and said we could go from the 1st of november 2007 (5monthes), however im unsure how much i will need he is what we are planning manchester-hong kong (2 weeks travel)-sydney (travel allover australia working along the way to pay for food and accom and hopefully save some cash!!!)-l.a for 2-3 monthes (hopefully coast to coast travel, we can only, think of a contiki trip or trek america to allow us to do this at a resonable cost!! so the ticket is £1200 each so how much more will we need approx? what visas do we need? and should we take our time to plan what we both want to do on our trip or should we just book it! thanks guys

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Just as a rough guide I would say £40 a day for Australia and US (to have some fun most days) and £20-£25 a day for Hong Kong to have some fun. Those amounts would be in the upper price range of a backpacker budget, so you could get by on less than that, but it would mean on some days not having any fun.

With what you have written about the countries you are visiting, assuming you hold a UK passport, you wouldn't require a visa for Hong Kong, You'd get a visa waiver for USA (for stays up to a maximum of 90 days and they are not extendable and you can't just go to Canada, Mexico the carribbean etc and return to get a new 90 days). Unsure what you mean by l.a. Does that mean 2-3 months in USA but starting in Los Angeles? You need a visa for Australia and if you plan on working, you'd want to apply for a working holiday visa because finding work without one would be rather difficult. In the past it would have been relatively easy to find some cash in hand work, but now since these new workplace regulations have come in (meaning employers can get away with using you for slave labour paying you $5 an hour as a 26 year old working 50 hours+ a week) so they don't need to worry about cash in hand work anymore.

With my two RTW trips I did plan most of it, but what I did do is have things like land in Ukraine and depart from Finland allowing a fair amount of time to travel through through Russia and other Eastern Europe/Baltic countries to reach Finland in time for my RTW ticket to recommence. Doing something like that, but having dates you know you have to be in .... place on or before, allows you to time your trip seeing what you want, but you know when it is getting close to the time you've got to leave .... place well if you are a long way from there you need to hurry up and get there so you don't miss your flight. In Australia something like landing in Perth and departing from Melbourne or Sydney would be great. That'd allow you to travel through Western Australia, Northern Territory and depending on how much time for travel you had, you could make you way down to South Australia across to Victoria, get a cheap return flight from Melbourne-Hobart and see a little of Tasmania. Then on your return to Melbourne make your way up north through Victoria, NSW, ACT, back in to NSW up to Queensland as far as Cairns and instead of backtracking thousands of kilometres overland, get a flight from Cairns-Brisbane-Sydney using Jetstar or Virgin Blue which would save you a lot of time and probably a lot of money as well. That would certainly be an amazing trip of Australia but wouldn't allow much if any time for working.

If you are going to get a RTW ticket, you could probably be a lot more inventive than your current itinerary shows you doing. You could make your trip a true once in a lifetime type adventure rather than a great trip but nothing that is a once anything extraodinary like the type of itinerary you've currently set (at least the places you mention on your post). If you are looking at buying one way tickets, you'd probably still want to book well in advance so that you get cheap deals, so in that case you'd at least need to have dates in mind as to when you want to enter and leave countries (or regions) so you can buy these tickets. Keep in mind though that if you buy oneway tickets they are usually non refundable and to change dates costs money plus any difference in fare price, so it can work out costly if you have to change dates close to the original scheduled departure date.

Have a great trip.

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thanks for the fast reply, when you say a bit more inventive type trip, im open to sugestions, where else could i go?, also the fact im travelling with a mate, slightly bothers me, i didnt the he would come but now he wants to and im worried that if he wanted to come back early or i did, then it would create a problem, i did explain this to him and he says he will do what i do, aqlso when i went on my own last time i made so many friends and felt a greater sence of achivment by going on my own rather than with a mate. However my mate is a good laf and we get on really well and it would do him good to get away and he wouldnt go on his own-I just want to feel i have really acheived something and draw great skills from this trip!

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Oh the mate thing could cause friction - why not set some ground rules before you go - you are both adults after all and you are not required to live in each others pockets! For example when your in Australia - maybe you want to spend some more time in Sydney but he wants to head North - why not agree to separate and then meet up at an agreed point a few weeks later - you get to feel the sense of achievement you get from travelling alone yet your friend is not alone out in the big bad world.

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What Purdy suggested with your mate is definitely what you should do, but just make it clear that if a time comes when you are getting fed up with him or he is getting fed up with you, if he wants to come home early, if you want to come home early etc you will part ways and do things your own ways rather than making each others time miserable.

What I was refering to with being a bit more inventive is things such as instead of flying to Hong Kong and from there to Australia, add some overland sections, cheap Air Asia flights etc in and make it longer than just 2 weeks (at least 5 weeks). If you did something like that you could land in Hong Kong go overland to Vietnam, get the open tour bus from Hanoi-Saigon making numerous stops for a day or more in the places, get a 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta cruise that takes you to Phnom Penh/Cambodia, catch the bus up to Siem Reap, then bus it back to Phnom Penh. Then you'd get a cheap Air Asia flight from Phnom Penh-Bangkok and then see Bangkok well and maybe a little bit more of Thailand, before recommencing your RTW ticket from Bangkok with the flight to Australia.

I you really wanted an adventure you could instead of flying from Manchester (which you'd probably find it hard to do on a RTW ticket) fly from London heathrow-New Delhi see a tiny bit of India (like going across to the Taj Mahal and seeing Jaipur) just a little sample, then fly from New Delhi-Hong Kong, do the other section I mentioned, recommence from Bangkok flying in to Perth. From Perth you could do something similar to what I mentioned in my first post by going overland over you months in Australia from Perth-Sydney. Then on your way from Australia you could fly from Sydney-Honolulu getting a taste of Hawaii (if you like nature you could buy a cheap seperate flight from Honolulu-Kona or Hilo and see the Big Island which has the active volcano and a lot of nice nature). Then from Honolulu you'd fly to Los Angeles, then either do the trek you are talking about, or do a mixture of flights with also the inclusion of some return bus journies like a trip from Los Angeles-San Diego-Las Vegas (do a canyon tour)-Los Angeles then either the 14 hour bus to San Francisco, drive or get a flight before doing a similar thing else where in America. The trek America thing would make that side of your planning a lot easier as you wouldn't have to try and set goals of being in a certain place by a certain date so that you are on schedule to make your final departure city. After the America thing, then you just fly back home.

I know that a trip very similar in the flight destinations to what I am talking about was possible on a Oneworld RTW ticket as they have flights from London-India-Hong Kong which is the one fairly tricky section, but I don't know of any other RTW tickets that have those flights or allow you as much freedom. Manchester is not a destination on the oneworld RTW ticket that will allow you to fly from there to Hong Kong or anywhere in Asia for that matter so it appears that you'd definitely have to go to London for your departure but then on your return it may be possible to get the flight from New York-Manchester (assuming they'll let you land in a different city to your departure in the same country).

If you ask STA travel or somewhere like that, they may well tell you that you can fly from Manchester-Delhi or Manchester-Hong Kong, but they will probably be charging you a seperate flight to get you there, so watch out for that because although I have no idea where Manchester is in location to London, I'd imagine you could get your way there cheaper than what the travel agent will try and sell you.

If you did a trip like the one I mentioned, you would need a couple more visas, but they are pretty painless to arrange.

Have a great trip

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