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Dear all,
I am this year returning to SA to see a few parts i never got to first time round. I only have 5 weeks this time though :-(
A few questions:
1. Is this enough time? I am planning on flying into Salvador on the 22nd July and out of Peru on 1st Sept. I am most worried about how long it will take to make my way down the coast of Brazil from Salvador to Rio, I will hopefully get a bus to Bolivia from there.

2. Is Bolivia safe right now? I heard rumor its not the place for travellers to be right now with all the political turmoil. Would particularly appreciate advice from anybody who has been there recently?

3. Weather?? Where will be hottest?!

Oh and finally im travelling by myself so let me know if anyone wants to meet up for part of my journey.

Thanks everyone

Jen x

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Why dont you try to go via Brasilia-Corumba instead of Rio? It might save you a little bit of time??

And yes, 5weeks might be a bit tight, but better to have 5weeks than none!

As per safety in Bolivia, well, I have read the foreign office advise lately, and i dont think there is any extra danger around there right now (no more than the usual precautions anyway). I was more concerned about the weather to be honest, cause is "el nino" year, but apparently it is only a part of the country that was affected by the floods, the rest is OK.

The weather in bolivia will be freezing cold, and anywhere in the andes, cause is the winter there, but in the coast in peru and in brazil will be hot (and rainy around salvador)

Hope it helps!

have fun!

x x Miromar x x

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If you are flying into Salvador and then plan ahead to go to Rio de Janeiro.. that is like 1100 miles (1773 Kms) so consider that...

here are some other distances:

Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo: 266 miles (429 Kms).
Rio de Janeiro - Salvador da Bahia: 1100 miles (1773 Kms)
Rio de Janeiro - Manaus (Amazon): 2939 miles (4734 Kms)

São Paulo - Pantanal (Cuiabá): 1252 miles (2017 Kms)
São Paulo - Iguassu Falls: 666 Kms (1047 Kms)
São Paulo - Florianopolis (Santa Catarina): 437 miles (705 Kms)

Bahia (Salvador) - Recife: 569 miles (917 Kms)
Fortaleza – Recife: 524 miles (844 Kms)

and I wouldnt ever take "el tren de la muerte" again. This goes from Pantanal (Brasil) into Cochabamba (Bolivia) it delays like 24 hrs, really hot and not too safe (it went off the rails in the middle of the night). Then you go to Santa Cruz and into La Paz (witch is beautiful).
Then Into Copacabana, Lago Titicaca.. later Puno and Cuzco.. of course you cannot miss Machupichu... all of this took me like 2 weeks just staying 1 day in La Paz, another in Copacabana, Lake Titicaca and another in Machupichu... so you should consider splitting your trip in 2 or catching a flight from Sao Paulo to Peru to see Machupicchu...

good luck... and like Miromar says it is better 2 weeks than nothing!!

Good travelling!!!


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Bolivia is still one of the safest destinations for tourists, even for women travelling alone - obviously taking normal precautions.

The weather depends on what altitude you are at but it should be dry.

Have you thought of coming to the Bolivian Amazon - Rurrenabaque.


5. Posted by u2o41 (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for all your help guys! !Much appreciated and I am sure I will have a fabulous trip!