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Going to be making a trip to Tanzania this October and I was planning on extending my trip and possibly adding in one of these overland trips that i've heard so much about.

Nairobi to Cape Town seems a popular route. Has anyone had any experience of these sort of trips, and this route in particular? Are they usually well organised, reasonable quality, and more importantly, can you recommend any companies to go with?

Any help would be grand, there's a lot of information out there as you can imagine and its a bit daunting to know where to start.



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why don't u want to travel independently? are u keen on travelling with a travelcompany? i think it will save a lot of money and the journey will be hell a lot of more adventurous. let me know.

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I will be doing some independent travel during my gapyear around Europe so I wouldn't mind also joining one of these trips for the company.

My parents do a lot of work in Africa, but i'm still relatively inexperienced, and i'd be at a loss on my own i'm sure. So, i'm going to stick with the overland trip idea - thank you for the advice however.

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Hi, I just finished the Cairo to Cape in February. It was a long haul!!
Nairobi to Cape is a good idea, yes, you could do it independantly but some of the places, especially in Namibia are hard to get to. Thats the joy of overlanding, if you can cope with being stuck with the same group of people for weeks on end and not being able to make your own destination decisions, it is a really good, and cheap way of seeing some of these places. I was even considering doing another one on the way home.
I can highly recommend Oasis, they are cheap and on the ball with good trucks. On that trip you will go to Malawi (but not enough) Mozambique (not nearly enough), Zimbabwe (plenty) plus good tours of Botswana and Namibia, both of which are awesome....cruising down the Okovango then flying over it, crazy sports in Namibia plus those amazing dunes. Namibia is the one place I think you are best to do overland unless you can afford to hire your own 4WD with camping equipment. I cant rate it enough!
Any other questions, please PM me as I dont always get a chance to get onto TP
Have fun!

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Very sorry for the late reply, gave up on this one and forgot to check back, but thanks for the response baluba.

I should be able to get on with people, i'm sociable enough, even if I am stuck with them for a couple of months.

I'll have a look at Oasis when I get a moment and see if they've got anything that suits the bill. A lot of Africa that i'm still desperate to see so this should be brilliant.

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Been doing more research for this and have come across two companies that seem good - Guerba and Dragonman. Does anyone know which has the better reputation?

The Guerba trip is a bit shorter and it means I miss Namibia, is this a big loss? At the same time, whilst the dragonman one is longer, if I don't feel to comfortable it'd be nicer to be on a 4 week trip rather than 6.

Similarly, the dragonman one would mean missing a family holiday to Northern Africa which I was quite looking forward too. Its all a bit hit and miss really, both have advantages and since i'm finding it hard to choose I might just go for the company with the better reputation. Although it seems both are good. Difficult choices, any help would be much appreciated!

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I have heard good reports about both companies, but miss Namibia???
Are you crazy???
Sitting on top of dune 19 or whatever number it is watching the sun go down, wandering through the desert hearing stories of bushmen and seeing forests that died 600 years ago, the atlantic ocean meeting the desert, driving through Etosha which is suffed full of wildlife, sitting at a waterhole with a box of wine and the zebras, not to mention sandboarding, dune buggying, parachuting.... Namibia is one of the best places in the world.

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We just booked Southern Cross safari trip through Absolute Africa.We are leaving uk on 10th of October and the safari goes for 45 days..after the tour ends to Jo'Burgh we'll fly over to Cape Town and spend a week there before flying back to UK.Absolute Africa looks an alright agency to me.:)Can't wait for the trip!!

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i've done two overland trips and would recommend both trips and tour companies. i did a 30 day overland Johannesburg to Nairobi with Drifters Adventures which took us through Zimbabwe (although you wouldn't go there today), Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zanzibar and up to Kenya. the second overland was a 21 day joburg to joburg through namibia, botswana and zambia with kiboko tours. both trips seemed to be the biggest bang for my buck. they were participation, camping safaris which means you help out with setting up/taking down camp and sometimes preparing food. the first trip i traveled with a friend and the second i went alone and ended up meeting one of my closest friends! they were both incredible experiences which enabled me to see a lot of different places without worrying about logistics. also, if time is a factor, you'll be able to see a lot more in less time than if you cruised about on your own. Drifters Adventures if based out of Johannesbug and Kiboko is based out of Cape Town. You can purchase your trips directly through the tour operators themselves. The Kibiko trip was all camping, but the Drifters trip was both camping and lodges. another popular itinerary is vic falls to cape town. good luck and happy travels!

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I have recommended them before but yet again Africa Travel co was excellent. It was mainly camping but upgrades were available in most of the campsites. Did a similar route soupatrvlr except other way around started in Kenya.
They do the west coast as well. I wouldn't miss Namibia.....Good luck. Happy travels

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