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Hey I am making my way to cambodia and vietnam for a few weeks and have just realised maybe I shouldve had some vaccinations! What vaccinations are required? It will be a very tight schedule so I am only going to "main centres", Phnom Penh (2days), Siem Reap (3days), HCMC (3days), Nha Trang, Hoi An (2days), Hanoi (3days-Halong bay hopefully one of those) so if you could give me some "must see and do" activities that would be wonderful!

I know alot of people think why rush through in a couple of weeks but I really dont have a choice due to time constraints! SO if you think I have got a "main centre" incorrect and missed an important place please let me know:) (im sticking to the low land areas this trip so dont worry about suggesting highland destinations such as Dalat and Sapa as im going to tick them off next time i go)

Cheers Ben

PS if you bought a suit in Hoi An, what price did you pay? I know you pay for the quality but just so I have an idea if im getting ripped off!

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Yes, you'll need vacinations. Head to a travel clinic where they are professionals and know what you need and don't need.

My personal view of your itinerary for Vietnam is that you have waaaayyyyyy too much planned for 8 days. I can only hope that it's not actually 8 days, but that you've just not filled in the days that you'll be travelling between places. The bit I'm most concerned about is Nha Trang and Hoi An. You have 2 days listed between them. Or is that I typo and you really have 2 days for each? I really hope so since it takes a whole day on the bus just to get between them.
Either way, it looks like at most you have two weeks in Vietnam. What I would recommed is sticking to either the North or South. Don't attempt to do both in such a short period of time or else you'll spend half the time on the bus and you won't enjoy your trip. You said you'll be back to tick off the highland areas, so I think a more logical idea would be to tick off half the country now, and then focus on the other region later.

In the south you can visit HCMC, the Mekong Delta (dont miss this), Dalat, and Nha Trang (and/or Mui Ne). This trip will easily take up all the time you have, and it'll still be rushed.
In the North, visit Hanoi and Halong Bay like you've planned (this will actually take more like 5-6 days, not 3), and do some day trips from Hanoi to the Perfume Pagoda and Tam Coc. If you have time head down to Hoi An, or to Sapa (sorrry, I know you didn't want to hear that).

Your Cambodian bit of the journey looks fine, but I hope you have whole days planned to get between places that you just haven't mentioned. Are you flying into Seam Reap? If not, it will take a whole day to get from Bangkok to Seam Reap. It will then take a whole day to get from Seam Reap to Phnom Penh. If you are flying into PP and then going over land to SR, then obviously you need to plan two whole travel days to get back. Again, it will take the most part of a day to get from PP to HCMC.

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Thanks for your reply Degolasse! Yes you are right in that I did not include the travelling time between places and the trip in vietnam is 11nights, and I missed a day so in total ill have HCMC (3days), Nha Trang (2days/one night), Hoi An (2days), Hanoi (4days). The way I planned getting around the long travel between places is to take overnight trains, hence travelling while I sleep three nights out of 11. I know they are ALOT more expensive than the buses but with the timespan its the only way I would be able to get the whole country in.

I appreciate your point of just trying to do one part of the country one trip and the other next time, but I have a flight booked from Hanoi to Bangkok at the end of my time in vietnam and I am entering vietnam from pp -->HCMC so I have to get from bottom to top somehow

How long did you spend at the temples of Angkor? ive allocated 2days (I know ill be ripped off as 1 day is $20, 3days is $40) but thats what I thought would be best. Let me know if you think otherwise.


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We did a three-day pass, but a two-day pass would have been sufficient, really. I'd think a one-day pass wouldn't give you the time you'd need. In two days, you can go back and catch things you've missed or revisit other places, but at that rate, might as well get the three-day pass.

I'm sure it's still the same, but you can get into the park for free to see the sunset. :)

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If you are only staying in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap for a few days no vaccinations are specifically required. As for mosquitoes, there is no malaria in Phnom Penh, but they do have it in Siem Reap, so precautions are best taken.

Must see in Phnom Penh: Royal Palace, Toul Sleng, Killing Fields, Mekong Cruise to Silk Weaving Island
Must see in Siem Reap: too many great temples to mention!

Cambodia – the jewel of South East Asia!

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I'd partly clarify what Steveatkin said about pre-travel advice- I would recommend several vaccinations for any trip to SE Asia: Hepatitis A, and typhoid, and have your routine tetanus up to date. I agree that PP is not at risk for malaria, but there is malaria everywhere else in Cambodia, including around Angkor and the temples. While you will bump into other travelers that are not taking malrial prophylaxis, I would recommend it (this is probably the most common question I got on a recent SE Asia trip). Best advice is go to a travel clinic (not just your GP as he/she may not be up to date ontravel advice) for proper vaccinations and medication advice.