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headingto NZ on our RTW trip and thought about buying a dirt cheap van/camper. I really mean an old banger van with a bed in the back. I know people do this on a regular basis. And have seen van for sale on the net for 2000-3000 nz dollers, i know a bit about engines and cars so i confidant i won't buy an old wreck that will last 2 miles. Has anyone out there done this or can anyone offer any advise on doing this. how easy is it to sell at the other end in a hurry? how much do repairs cost etc?

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I have no personal experience with doing this, but when in New Zealand, I saw a campervan advertised on the notice board at pretty much every other hostel; often for as little as NZD 1000-2000.

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Hey, if you were going to rent one, we found one for 17 dollars a day at the mo, cos it's low season!!! Really really cheap!! It's called Wicked Vans, just put it into Google. When you planning on getting here? Myself and a mate are planning on setting off in one in the next few days around NZ but we need another person if you're interested?? If not, there are millions of ads up in all the hostels for campervans being sold on so I wouldn't worry about being able to find one. No idea bout engines n stuff though! !!

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Escape rentals are worth a shout (similar wacky vans to wicked) i spent a month in one, there vans are not new obviously but not bangers either. The guys will give you all sorts of gear to get you going, and cheap as chips! If you intend staying a long time then perhaps a purchase will suit you better.:)

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If you want to buy a camper... do check notice boards at hostels or check out
if you want to rent there's a shit load of companies but I like
Have fun and safe travels