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Looking at going travelling mid august time. When do we need to start getting visa's and work vids's sorted? Want to work in new zealand and maybe australia, i know you can only get 1 work visa for a year ever in oz so not too sure.

Will work in japan, bangkok, canada and maybe usa if we can aswell, just digging holes or something.

UK - Bangkok - Hong Kong - Tokyo - FiJi - Auckland -Christchurch -Melbourne - Perth/Darwin - Canada -Los Angeles - New York - UK

Asia (3 months), Fiji/new zealand (2 months), Australia (3 months), Canada ( 1 month) USA (3 months)

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no-one need visas to travel or work visas to work?

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I'm not sure about Fiji, but as long as you don't decide to work anywhere, the only place on your itinerary that you'd definitely need a visa is for Australia and possibly Fiji but I think you wont need a visa for there either. All of the other places on your itinerary you should get a visa on arrival for no charge or little charge.

As for how far in advance you should apply for the visas you will need to check the website of the embassy of which you will apply at for that information. Processing times vary depending on where you apply and how much you pay for visas, because you can get most visas done in one business day if you pay a lot of money, but other times they can take 2-3 weeks and even more in some countries cases.