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I was just wondering if anyone knows a cheap way to get to Costa Rica from Guatemala and then a cheap airlines that flies Costa Rica to Mexico City.
I can only seem to locate US$550 one way fares for each destination?
Is it just hard to get air travel between central american countries or am I looking in the wrong place?

Which country would you choose? Since I am already going to Guatemala & Mexico.... which country out of Honduras & Costa Rica???

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If you have a bit of time to spare you could consider taking a bus from Guatemala City to San José. It would definitely be more environmentally friendly and cheaper than flying. For schedules you can for example check Ticabus.
Optionally Copaair is frequently flying between Central American cities and Mexico.
Concerning your question if to go to Honduras or Costa Rica, I have only been to the second twice and loved it.
Have fun!


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Hi Steff,

Would it be wise to travel by Ticabus at nighttime?? Isn't it dangerous to go by bus as hijackings occur frequently at night time?

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I have travelled with Ticabus twice and also know many friends who have done journeys with them. Never had any problems and hijackings seem to be a myth at least around Central America. Of course you should use common sense and keep your belongings on you at all times while on the bus (a friend had her I-pod stolen while she was asleep) but you shouldn't be too worried about being robbed.


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Mexico City Airport has high landing fees for airlines being so crowded, therefore many of the cheaper flights into and out of Mexico go via Cancun. My advice is to get a cheap flight to San José CR, take the Tica Bus to Nicaragua first, well worth visiting, then Honduras, through El Salvador to Guatemala and finally, Tica Bus Guatemala City to Tapachula, Mexico or Galgos Inter or Dorado 1st Class Buses to Tapachula, Mexico, 6 hours southwest of Guatemala City where connections are amds ADO/Cristobal Colon Buses..18 hours overnight to Mexico city...fares oneway about $175 total

If you have return ticket from CR just turn around in Guatemala and bus to San José on a RT Tica Bus ticket, checking out places you missed on return.

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If wishing to fly GUA-SJO Antigua in Guatemala has dozens of travel agencies that sell cheap one way and rt tickets onward to CR, like 'Rainbow Travel' there who use consolidators.

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Riding the buses...especially Buses with a lot of foreign travelers: Tica Bus, Second Class Buses in Guatemala and Costa Rica coming from going to travel destinations, and the second/third class bus terminals are places where much of your petty theft occurs in Central America, the other spots to avoid carrying cameras, ipods or cash and valuables are the large outdoor tourist markets, such as ChiChicastenanago and Solola (near Lake Atitilan) markets in Guatemala. In Bus Terminals always hold on to your bag, on Buses have a chain around your bag in case you fall asleep and don't carry your passport or cash in your pockets. Like the population, petty theft and pickpocketing targeted at visitors, (many of whom are careless and may not speak the language, so are easily distracted) has mushroomed. International Buses in Central America have been robbed in the past, infrequently, but never 'hijacked'.

Use common sense and be aware in all situations NEVER paranoid! Women traveling alone should take precautions and should never venture out alone after dark on foot, especially in large cities or popular travel destinations and usually should never accept drinks, rides or favors from strangers, anyhow, use your own judgement and follow your own gut instinct in certain situations. The most usual places for petty crime, usually pickpocketing, to occur is at crowded outdoor markets, second/third class bus terminals and urban bus or metro stops, or on crowded public transport, when going out shopping leave your passport, valuables and backpacks at your place of lodging, locked up and take as much cash as you will feel you will need. Dress down and sport no expensive jewelery. The persons most vicitimized by these petty theives, day after day, are the locals themselves. if becoming lost in an unfamiliar area, go into a store or business to ask directions, never 'look lost', call a local friend to pick you up if possible or take an authorized taxi back to your lodging place, especially if you are not familiar with public bus routes, always keep the address/phone of your lodging place hidden on your person for emergencies. Never tell strangers where you are staying, nor your itinerary, nor invite strangers to your room, especially if you are alone. When drinking in bars, discos and nightclubs with strangers, especially in travel destinations or upscale urban areas, and especially if you are female, avoid drinking so much you become inebriated and thence vulnerable to theives. If carrying a laptop, digital camera, ipod, blackberry or other electronic 'do dad' take special care when traveling in Central America, an item such as this can be stolen and be sold on the black market within minutes or hours! Remember this is now 2007, not 1987 and most all Central Americans from good honest hard working people (99% plus) to theives (less than 1% but all it takes is ONE!!!!) now utilize cellular or mobile phones. If traveling alone take very special precautions and keep the item or items out of plain view as much as possible in public. SECURITY is number one...YOU take care of YOU..number one..first!!!! COMFORT is number two..if you feel uncomfortable in any particular lodging place, with any person or in any city or town, move your feet...go elsewhere! ACCEPTANCE We all want to be accepted and make friendships wherever we go, if you find a country, region or even just a small village where you resonate with the people and vice versa, perhaps make plans to stay longer. Remember, in large cities people are often busy shopping or working and in a hurry and seem 'unfriendly' at first... In popular travel destinations such as Antigua, Guatemala or San Jose, Costa Rica, remember you'll just be another blank face spending dollars or euros, looking for the right Bank or ATM and the travellers hangouts, carrying a guidebook, so, for a while again..until you get to know patient. Try to find a RESPONSIBLE travel companion who speaks Spanish if travelling alone, especially if you are female.
Off the beaten path in a small town or village you may be the 'tourist attraction' for a while, until the locals get to know you. TRAVEL IS ABOUT PEOPLE, NOT ABOUT 'DESTINATIONS'. People are very friendly in Central America and when you need a helping hand from directions to a place to stay..a person does that..not a Colonial Church or a Mayan Ruin.