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I have heard about people from South America, Asia and Africa who have all the right documentation and enough money to get into Europe and USA and even then are stopped by the Immigration Officer in the airport and sent back home. This happens specially in USA, UK and Spain.
Recently, I saw on TV that at least 20 Brazilians tourists are sent back only to Sao Paulo International Airport everyday, some days the number goes as high as 60 people.
All these people had enough money, hotel reservation, package paid, travel insurance, etc,...
I have never faced this situation but I am really worried by the numbers. Why does it happen? Why this discrimination?
I would like to discuss this. Maybe then we can get some light into the problem. If you had already faced this problem tell us about it. If you haven't, tell us what you think. If you are an European or Northern American citizen your opinion is also important.
We all know ilegal immigration is a big problem. For travellers, specially because it causes such problems as prejudice and discrimination.
I do believe ilegal immigration should be fought severely but not unfairly.

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It is very hard for us today to imagine, but until the end of First World War people could travel wherever they wanted, and passports were issued by all sorts of agenices, not only highest government officials.

In big cities that had offices of many countries' consulates, people could basically choose who they wanted to issue them a passport. For example, Brits travelled frequently on French passport, Russians of a German one, all Christians in Istanbul routinely opted between Italian, French etc.

The passport was not a guarantee of citizenship, just a document testifying who you are.

It was only in the 1920s that the system still in force today was introduced for the first time, and still then it was quite hard to stop people from entering as tourists (immigration was different).

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Best people to answer that will be the Visa guys. Getting an EU or US visa for Pakistanis is next to impossible.
Back in 2004, i applied for Schengen visa thru French embassy in Islamabad. To my utter amazement, i got it swiftly and without any hassle. Contrary to general belief, the guys at Chrles De Gaul airport courteously let me in in less than a minute. The interesting part was leaving Dubai for Paris.
At dubai airport, I reported early at Emirates Airline ounter. As soon as the lady saw my passport, she went into "extreme Alert" mode and called her supervisor. They ran my passport thru some machines but couldn't find anything. Then they started interrogation; why are you going to Paris, where are you coming from, why are you travelling alone and what not. In the meantime, another chap was using all kinds of devices on my passport. Initially i was irritated, but later on I started to enjoy it( I was making them nervous and irritated). Sitting in the passenger lounge, I was the center of attention, with odd chap coming with his boss and asking me questions. I was the last person to be allowed on the plane( and I took my time in the toilet while they kept announcing for me to baord)

Moral of the Story: There is discrimination for certain nationalities.
Will never fly with Emirates Airline in my life.

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I was stopped in Bangkok airport transiting to Lucerne by the Thai officer during boarding.
Accusing that I am from China (I am a Malaysian Chinese). After much questioning and going through my passport over and over again, they finally let me in minutes before the plane take off. I almost sang my National Anthem.
Does that mean if I am from China, entering to other states would be more difficult?
Answer? – Your two cent worth.

Its luck if you ask me. My friend, an air stewardess who have been to United States many times , got stopped in the States one day and sent back home immediately. I don’t know how true this is but according to her, the immigration officer has certain ‘quota’ to send people back